What will be the new rules for applying for CPA in 2022?

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In 2022, the schedule of the intermediate accounting examination has been released, and the qualification of the examination has attracted attention. In addition to meeting the basic registration conditions, the restrictions around the examination are also different.Such as hebei tangshan candidates need to provide the residence certificate or proof of social security in jiangsu province: does not belong to the scope of accountant information collection to enter oneself for an examination personnel, also can register exam, according to the notice, candidates can apply to the local bureau authorization registration if henan examinee through illegitimate means entering for the exam, even though to pass the exam, don’t be paid intermediate qualification certificate.As for the application conditions of intermediate accounting, there are differences in different regions. Candidates should also carefully check the local examination schedule and notice of related matters.What are the new requirements for applying for CPA in 2022?The requirements for intermediate registration have been changed, and many candidates are worried about whether the application for CPA will be stricter. After all, in the draft of the Development Plan for the CPA Industry (2021-2015), the adjustment of the requirements has been mentioned:However, according to the current situation, there will not be much change in the requirements for applying for CPA in 2022. The registration will start in April, and the specific registration matters will still need to wait for the announcement of the registration brief.CPA registration requirements: Of course, it is not certain whether the future CPA registration requirements will increase the restrictions of educational background or major as the law examination does!It is only suggested that candidates who meet the registration requirements and want to work in related industries in the future should complete the registration and examination as soon as possible.▎ This article is about ▎.