The blogger posted the ordering code, and the order was over 3 million!68 bottles of vodka for 18,000…Call the police

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The blogger posted the ordering code, and the order was over 3 million!68 bottles of vodka for 18,000…On the evening of February 18th, a Blogger in Beijing took a photo of the QR code for ordering food while eating in a restaurant and shared it on Weibo. Unexpectedly, the price of a single meal soared to more than 3 million yuan until the restaurant closed the QR code.The blogger said that someone ordered 68 bottles of vodka for me and I have gone to the police station to deal with the matter….On February 19, the news that “a blogger posted his ordering code and ordered 1.23 million yuan” went viral.The list includes tomahawk steak, lobster gratin, Kyiv secret Turkey leg, valera crispy elbow, Yalta rice, Ukrainian red cabbage soup, and vodka for the tsar’s handmade wedding banquet.Among them, 1,000 tiramisu cakes, priced at 238 yuan, were ordered, while 68 bottles of vodka for the tsar’s handmade wedding banquet, priced at 18,000 yuan, were ordered.Moreover, the price of the meal has been rising visibly.As of 23:30 on The 18th, the order page showed that more than 3 million yuan had been placed.The blogger said the order code was sent out to make fun of the seat number.”The table number for dinner tonight is too stupid,” he said on His microblog on February 18.In addition to the table number with multiple 2’s, the photo also shows the restaurant’s name and an uncoded QR code.”Who ordered 68 bottles of vodka for me? Now THE restaurant won’t let me leave and I have already arrived at the police station,” the blogger said in a series of posts.”I say how dish after dish, I can’t finish.”According to its weibo location, it was at the Wanshou Road police station in Beijing’s Haidian district.This has also sparked heated discussion online.To this, the restaurant responded that there is such a thing, at that time the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code has been closed, but users are still ordering, but can not order.For this matter, some users said: “why do you want to order two-dimensional code on the network?”Don’t restaurants verify menus with guests?At 11:59 PM on Feb 18, the blogger wrote on Weibo: “I am the person involved. It is a misunderstanding. Everyone has dispersed.”On the night of February 18, according to the staff of the restaurant involved, there were indeed a lot of netizens ordering food for the table at that time. The backstage of the restaurant showed that more than 3 million yuan had been ordered, and some dishes had been prepared, but it was found to be a spoof by netizens and the dishes were not served.In the end, the blogger only paid for what she actually spent.The reporter went to the restaurant in Haidian district at 10 am on Monday. The restaurant’s principal, Mr Li, told the reporter that according to the recollection of the restaurant staff, there were indeed three men at table 202 at noon on The 18th, and one of them was suspected to be an Internet blogger.The three ordered a set meal and added other dishes for a total of four or five hundred yuan.”In the evening before dinner, around 6 o ‘clock, the thermal paper in our bar began to frantically order.”A woman had just sat down at table 202 and the bar was inundated with messages before she could even start ordering, So they immediately moved the woman to another seat and shut down the order board at Table 202, Mr. Li said.A large number of netizens ordered food through the QR code that night, totaling more than 3 million.Mr. Lee said the orders were invalid after the order was discontinued.He showed the ordering information to the reporter, 19 early morning, there are still users to order pasta, Kiev cheese and other dishes, and notes that there are four children.”This is obviously a spoof, who is eating in a restaurant in the middle of the night.”In addition to 202 tables, 201 and 208 also received malicious orders and were shut down altogether, Mr. Li said.Mr Li later thought it was just a prank and did not call the police.”We didn’t call the police, and the district where our restaurant is located is not under the control of wanshou Road police Station.”Mr. Li said what the blogger said on weibo was not true.The reporter saw at table 202 that the table number and TWO-DIMENSIONAL code of the order card on the table have been replaced.On the morning of 19th, the QR code of the order has shown that you need to scan the code to order the food in the restaurant.”We’ve been ringing off the phone since last night and this morning.”Mr. Li introduced, some netizens questioned the restaurant and the blogger hype together, they are very wronged.Mr Li said the incident had taken a toll on the restaurant, where the phone had been ringing off the hook, because his business had been misinterpreted as a publicity stunt.”In addition to the media, there are a few people on the phone, normal customers have been unable to call.”Li said that the normal order of the restaurant has been affected, they have been to the district police station to report, will take a record.According to the report, a staff member of the restaurant said on The 19th: This is not a publicity of the restaurant, the blogger’s post is not true.He said: the person after lunch left to post the QR code.But the man disagreed, Posting his payment record on his blog, saying, “This is the payment record of the day. How can you say I had lunch?””It’s not about who sits in the seat who pays, but who orders who pays,” said a Lawyer in Shanghai.Mistake is to put the qr code “blogger posted online, objectively provides a similar trick people with an opportunity, if you shall be investigated for responsibility should be the person who place the order, on the law of contract, and order is an act of the contracting contract, should bear the payment obligation, so remote scan code is not a prank, but there are legal risks.”Posting pictures and sharing your beautiful life on the Internet is all right, but it’s important.As the netizen said, what pictures are posted on the Internet, leak their privacy, also leak others’ privacy, and even leave hidden dangers.In 2018, there were media reports that Mr. Zhang from Nantong, Jiangsu province bought a lotto ticket and was very lucky to win. He couldn’t help Posting a picture on wechat moments, which revealed the information of the ticket. The next day, when he tried to claim the prize, he was beaten to death.”You can cash in your winnings online with this code. I’ve never heard of that before.”Mr. Zhang looked stunned.Actress Wang Luodan once posted two pictures of the scenery outside her window on her Microblog, and some netizens successfully located her community, building number and house number based on the two pictures, combined with her microblog.For this, the police ever warned, beware of divulging privacy to cause disaster, train ticket, plane ticket, boarding card, license plate, passport, express sheet, do not bask in disorderly.What do you think about it?Let’s talk in the comments section!Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)