Ice Pier pier fire, online and offline “a pier difficult to find”, the relevant listed companies benefit

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“A lot of friends ask where they can buy yingdandan. The factory is in short supply during the Spring Festival holiday, so we are strengthening coordination and supply.”Zhao Weidong, spokesman for the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee, said at a regular press conference on Feb 6.With the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Bing Dwen dwen thoroughly fire, and soon staged “a trick hard to find”.Bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, combines the image of a panda with an ice crystal shell. The head shell is shaped like an ice helmet, decorated with a colorful halo, and the overall image resembles that of an astronaut.At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Bing Dwen dwen led the lion dance team, which instantly became the focus of attention and became a hot topic.The surrounding has been sold recently.On February 4, more than a million netizens flooded into the official Tmall Olympic flagship store. However, upon entering the store, they found that the Bing Dwen Dwen dolls were “out of stock”, and the bing Dwen Dwen ornaments were also sold out and removed from the shelves. According to reports, Tmall sold 1,800 of the dolls in one hour, and the 5,000 dolls in the flagship store were all taken away within 15 minutes.Not being able to buy it online on tmall’s official Olympic flagship store, many people are turning to the offline market.In front of the Flagship store of Wangfujing Gongmei Xiamen Winter Olympics on Monday morning, a line of people waiting to enter the store to buy licensed winter Olympics mascots and other products was already several hundred meters away, Beijing Daily reported.It will take five or six hours to get them and they will be limited to 500, one for each person.Not only the domestic bing Dwen Dwen crazy, in the overseas, Bing Dwen dwen also successfully out of the circle.Prince Albert of Monaco tries to make dough figurine at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 5, 2019.Japanese TV journalist Yoshido Tsujioka has also become popular on Chinese social media for his love of the Winter Olympics’ mascot, Bingdwen Dwen. In a viral video, Tsujioka gleefully reveals his’ Bingdwen Dwen ‘badge.I heard that “Bing Dwen Dwen” came to the venue, he immediately put down his work, incarnation fan brother “beg” group photo.Czech figure skater Natalie Taslelova’s vlog for the Beijing Winter Olympics village shows off the gifts and souvenirs she received at the village, including her favorite Bing Dwen doll.”I’ve been waiting for this little one, and now I just need the big one.”Cao Xue, a professor and dean of the School of Visual Art and Design at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, was “surprised” by the popularity of Bing Dwen Dwen. He told Red Star news that bing Dwen dwen’s accessories were sold out, so that his son could not buy one.As to why Bingdwen Dwen is so popular, Cao mentioned that the “Bingdwen Dwen” is black and white and has an ice crystal shell. It should be cold, but on the contrary, it gives people a warm, cute and adorable feeling.Once the warmth is felt, the warm memories will remain, even though bingdwen Dwen will become history after the Winter Olympics close.”I hope it will become a classic, at least in Olympic history, it will be memorable.”Cao said he was not worried about Bing Dwen Dwen going out of style.In fact, not only Bing Dwen Dwen, the Winter Olympics plush toys, commemorative badges, bracelets, hangers and other things around the winter Olympics are so popular that some of them are no longer available.It is understood that the Beijing games organizers developed a total of 5000 kinds of licensed products, covering the badges, key chain and other non-metallic products, metal products, clothing, apparel and accessories, silk products, ceramic products, stationery, plush toys and all kinds of materials, handicrafts, jewelry, electronic products and accessories, intelligent dressing equipment, home textiles, bags, ice and snow sports,Commemorative stamps and philatelic products, commemorative coins (banknotes), etc.It is worth noting that the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has coordinated to increase supply under the strong suggestion of “one family one dun, one family one rong”.On the evening of February 5th, the flagship store of the Winter Olympics issued a warm reminder through the wechat public account: Starting from February 5th, in order to protect the purchase rights of more consumers, some of the popular products in the store such as plush mascot toys, hand-made toys, etc., have started to implement the purchase restriction policy, we are trying our best to actively coordinate the stock, please understand.At the same time, consumers are reminded not to buy licensed goods from scalpers at high prices, do not believe in price speculation, rational consumption.”These two days many friends asked where they could buy Bing Dandan. As the factory is closed during the Spring Festival holiday, bing Dandan is in very short supply. We are also increasing coordination and supply.”Zhao Weidong, spokesman for the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee, said at a regular press conference on Feb 6.At present, users who enter the official Tmall Olympic flagship store can participate in the “pre-sale” of Bingdun dun, and each ID is limited to 2 pieces.And ice pier pier fire behind, is a lot of listed companies involved in which or earnings.According to the introduction, the production and sales of licensed products must be approved by the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee. The official online purchase channel is the Official Olympic flagship store on Tmall.Licensed merchandise can be purchased offline from licensed retail stores and high-speed trains.Public information shows that there are 29 licensed manufacturers and 58 licensed retailers of the Beijing Winter Olympics, including yuanlong Yatu, Wentou Holdings, Wangfujing, Zhongti Industry, Caibai And many other listed companies.Among them, Yuanlong Yatu is licensed to produce badges, key chains and other non-metallic products, precious metal products, plush and all kinds of material toys three kinds of licensed goods.Since the middle of December, the company’s share price began to rise, but in the middle of January, followed the market down, the latest share price of 18.48 yuan, market value of 4.09 billion yuan.Wic holdings has the franchise production rights of precious metals, handicrafts and ceramics, and the franchise retail rights of the whole category of derivatives of the Winter Olympics.Its share price moves similarly.Wangfujing is a licensed retailer for the Beijing 2022 Olympic And Paralympic Winter Games and is permitted to sell licensed merchandise for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in selected stores.However, its share price has been volatile since the end of November last year, last traded at 27.15 yuan, giving it a market value of 30.8 billion yuan.Hongguan Kiln, a subsidiary of China Porcelain Holdings, is a licensed retailer for the Beijing Winter Olympics.The medium industry has obtained the franchise rights for the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing and Tianjin.Caibai is currently selling winter Olympics products, including badges and commemorative coins.Wensli can produce and sell related silk products within the scope of authorization.In addition, the Bank of China, Anta, China Unicom, petrochina, Sinopec, China Post and other enterprises have also opened physical retail channels for licensed products.Shanxi Securities said it expects revenue from licensed goods to break 2.5 billion yuan for the entire Winter Olympics cycle.Under the pull of The Beijing Winter Olympic Games, related events marketing, peripheral derivative sales and other activities will be gradually launched, industry chain related companies may enter the performance realization period, it is suggested to continue to pay attention to the opportunities brought by the sports sector and offline cultural and sports activities.As for the franchise industry, the Olympic franchise products will increase with the arrival of the Olympic Games, in addition to make up for the Olympic franchise costs, but also get a considerable amount of net profit;At the same time, companies selling Olympic franchise products can also take advantage of the Opportunity of the Winter Olympics to enhance their corporate image and product awareness, expand overseas sales market and enhance brand value.(Liu Mengmeng, editor of Ti Media App, integrated information from Beijing Daily, Red Star News, CCTV News, Beijing News, etc.)