Baoshan: On-site teaching “learn from the scriptures” to promote promotion

2022-08-01 0 By

Automatic monitoring of pollution sources has become an important auxiliary supervision means in the field of ecological environment.For further developing environmental law enforcement big training activities, help law enforcement officers quickly improve the overall understanding of the automatic monitoring facilities, accurately grasp the cause of the abnormal data, further implement city bureau relevant law enforcement work requirements, recently, the bureau of baoshan district ecological environment law enforcement in a construction site dust on-line monitoring data exceptions, for example, invite the third party technology unit,Organized law enforcement brigade young law enforcement team members on a vivid field training.Technical units around the on-site installation of dust online monitoring equipment, to the law enforcement team in-depth explanation of dust online monitoring equipment basic structure, operation principle.The operation and maintenance side of the on-site dust monitoring equipment demonstrated the calibration and other functions of the equipment.Combined with the recent abnormal data and equipment site conditions, technical units and law enforcement team jointly find and analyze the reasons for abnormal data.Combined with a number of typical cases, the technical unit based on “Regulations on Law Enforcement and Application of Online Dust Monitoring Data in Shanghai”, further introduced the judgment methods of online data exceeding standards and anomalies and common data fraud means.The scene around the scene law enforcement training, theory combined with practice, highlighting practical, effective, through on-site interpretation, intuitive presentation, interactive communication, problem solving, effective enhance the level of law enforcement team online monitoring field of law enforcement ability, for the continued ascension pollution source automatic monitoring facilities management ability, help accurate law enforcement provide powerful guarantee to a new level.