Are you ready for football tonight?China’s U23 football cristiano Ronaldo has emerged

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Are you ready for the football feast tonight?Tonight the football front is at war!Dubai Cup: China u23 VS UAE U23 20:00 China’s young players will compete against the United Arab Emirates for the third place in the Dubai Cup, hoping to win the team’s first international trophy.China lost to the United Arab Emirates by a single goal in the first round, and Fang Hao’s performance against Thailand in the last round is still worth waiting for.China’s national football team drew with Oman in the first round of the Preliminary round of the World Cup.Against Saudi Arabia in the last round, they were still crushed, but the spirit of the team came through.Although the two teams have no desire, but want to a victory for their world preliminary final, head coach Li Xiaopeng also made a military warrant, tonight’s performance of the National football team is worth looking forward to.This game captain Wu Xi lifted the ban to return, the game caused a huge controversy yu Dabao, can prove himself in this game is also one of the highlights.In other matches in Asia Japan v Vietnam 18:35 Iran v Lebanon 19:30 Uzbekistan U23 v Vietnam U23 20:00 Iraq U23 v Thailand u23 21:00 Uae v South Korea 21:45 Syria v Iraq 21:452.European World Cup qualifier play-off final Portugal VS north first round narrowly missed Macedonia 2:45 Portugal beat Turkey into the finals, and Italy is eliminated by dark horse north Macedonia, only to enter the World Cup finals, winning the pre-match north Macedonia cristiano ronaldo said the next President answers it’s your turn, will provoke ronaldo’s morale is not clear.The current round of Portugal defense veteran pepe rear nova Cansello have come back, can be said to be in the potential.With Russia banned Poland qualified for the final, Lewan’s performance was crucial as Sweden have won all of their last six meetings.It will also be interesting to see who will make it to the finals.Senegal VS Egypt 1:00 after the Asian cup final, only one side will qualify for the tournament, with Egypt taking the lead in the first leg thanks to an own goal by mohamed salah. It will be interesting to see if Egypt continue to lead or Senegal catch up.# Portugal ## Qualifiers ## Qualifiers: China vs Oman ## Portugal #