7-seater SUV real car investigation, used to walk dogs the Highlander and camper all new 5008

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If the Tomb-sweeping Day spring, the circle of friends is the most popular, certainly not more than camping.Especially the second child family, almost every second child family has imagined such a car picture, in the infinite scenery of the mountains, the river, watching the children in the car happy to play, or a family busy preparing for camping barbecue, the family eating and drinking relaxed and comfortable.In today’s programme, we are going to share the experiences of two car owners.Because we found that the 7-seater experience of the two owners was very different from what we expected.Next, I’ll send you the interview directly. Let’s start with Highlander.I bought the new Highlander mainly for its new look and Toyota’s hybrid powertrain.It’s big, it’s long, it’s strong, and it’s very imposing wherever it parks.I can even get some people to come and talk to me and ask me about the car experience, which is quite satisfying.This hybrid Toyota hybrid for the 2022 Highlander really saves fuel.Still, we shouldn’t think of it as a particularly fuel-efficient car.Because highlander is quite large, it usually consumes about 7 liters of fuel for city use.Even to run the highway will not save, I drive alone, maintain 120 speed, fuel consumption close to 8L.It’s about 30% less gas than my previous car, the XT5.That’s one thing I really like.When you think about it, the fuel consumption of such a big car in such a congested Beijing is only 7L, isn’t it magical?On the downside, the hybrid system can be very noisy after speeds of more than 100.Sound insulation alone, this hybrid is not suitable for luxury cars.Speaking of luxury, I added a 12.3-inch center screen, some leather and some stitching to the interior.It feels classy, which is a good thing.On the bad side, this car is selling for 320,000, and that’s all it has.The luxury massage seats, the head-up display, the two-row seat heating, and some of the nice little designs and finishes that you don’t have in a regular car, but only in a luxury car, are missing.The car leaves little room for luxury imagination.This is also Toyota’s consistent concept of building cars, it just according to their own established planning, continuous iteration, a little bit of luxury and quality to you.Although the Highlander is a 7-seater, you can’t use it like the GL8.It has three seats in the second row and two seats in the third row.When getting on the bus, the people in the second row get off first, and the people in the third row get in.The whole third row of seats is not big, the equivalent of two little ponies, not very decent to sit on.Sit a little longer time, cramped space and narrow field of vision, will feel suffocated.Therefore, I usually do not regard it as 7 cars to pull people, its third row is used to pull my golden retriever.This is the car owner Of Han Landa Li Jian experience.Magic gas mileage and a third row for walking the dog, isn’t that what we think of as a family trip?The following car experience of the French owners will also give you a different car experience.Disassembly of the third row, strong wave sound, this car is outdoor play online there is a joke said, false car three big parts: chassis, engine, gearbox.Real car selection three major: seats, air conditioning, audio.I think the Internet might be talking about me.The cabin, space and acoustics made up everything I chose for Peugeot’s new 5008, and it was the top-rated version.I tried a lot of cars before buying them, including the Lincoln Navigator, and I found that no 7-seater SUV could handle the third row.Then I thought I’d get a bigger, cheaper 7 seater and use it as a 5 seater.The new 5008 is the car that impressed me the most.For example, if you go inside, you’ll notice that it has a very small steering wheel, and it has paddles, which are very fast.With this function, touch it every day, I unconsciously add running mountain group, weekend drive together to play in the mountains, this combination and aixin 8AT, in the mountain road will be very fun to control.I can’t believe a family 7 seater can do that.My 5008 is a top-of-the-line model with brown seats with diamond sport stitching.This brown is a little tricky in color.It’s not a dark, brilliant brown, it’s a light brown.With the furry Alcantara fabric on the dashboard, all sorts of fancy widgets, and the French national treasure of the Jin Lang 10-channel sound system, it feels like a slight step over the top.The seats are also unique.Its second row can move back and forth quite a bit, about half an arm’s length.The seat Angle can also be adjusted for special reclining.Like most seven-seat SUVs, the third-row seats aren’t big enough to be used for emergencies.However, the third row is removable.Pitch a tent in the mountains, take this chair out, turn up the stereo, and you get a taste of petty-bourgeois life.Plus, the car’s Power Wave stereo works at maximum volume without any noise.If you are playing car stereo modified this line, you will find that the strong wave is quite a big name, not out of favor!I chose this car not only for the delicate design of French cars, but also for safety reasons.I looked at the comments online and even in the eyes of the black people, the materials used in French vehicles are very honest.For example, the new 5008 uses 74.2% high strength steel and 1600MPa high tensile strength thermoforming steel.There are also active braking, front collision warning, lane departure and other active safety features.This is the new 5008 owners of the magical car experience.The seven-seater SUV is a family car, but you can run mountains, go camping, and experience the immersive sound effects of a luxury car.They seem to be saying that if you go by the spec sheet alone, the 7-seater’s imagination will be limited to grocery shopping, transportation and road trips.However, if we understand from the owner side, we will find that each car has its own way of playing, which is far beyond imagination. They all reflect the diversity and excitement of real cars.For those who are interested in the two cars, the editor also collected their own preferential information.There is no cash discount for Highlander as the new 2022 model has just been launched.The manufacturer only offered a purchase subsidy of 5,000 yuan and five years of ultra-low installment purchase.The new 5008 provides 36 installments with 0 interest, 1-year new car price insurance, 3-year value repurchase, 5-year / 150,000 km vehicle quality guarantee, and more preferential activities such as up to 10,000 yuan old car replacement subsidy, and up to 7,000 yuan lion powder purchase subsidy.If you’re interested, try it in the store.In addition, from January 1 to 17, Peugeot will also fill up a tank of gas for new car buyers and participate in the 100% winning online H5 lottery to win a designer Artoyz doll and a koi prize of 2,999 yuan.