@nFT Metasverse: Daily airdrop

2022-07-31 0 By

1. The Magic Core APP will sell the digital collection of qi Baishi’s five paintings series jointly with Rongbaozhai at 15:00 on February 9th.There are a total of 5 works in this issue, each of which is issued 2500 copies, a total of 12,500 copies, priced at 118 yuan.Release number: 8000 copies (5 works, 2500 copies each) Release Time: 15:00, February 09 Works appreciation: 2.Kung Fu digital platform will be on February 08 11:00 sale platform twelve zodiac tiger limited “Tiger Star” series of digital collection!This issue is a total of 1 works, each issued 8888 copies, priced at 8.8 yuan.3.StarArk platform will launch the digital collection of the popular IP “Cryptographic Journey to the West” jointly with crypto Brothers at 18:00 on February 08.This issue is a total of 1 works, a total of 25 copies, priced at 429 yuan.This sale is wukong body, super Wukong can be synthesized through the late stage!Resale Market: Open 4.HOTDOG app will launch the ‘SKiing’ digital collection, an exclusive winter Olympics collection created by digital artist Shanyanuzaj, on feb 09 at 11am.The sale will be limited to 1,000 copies at 9.9 yuan each.This digital collection is cast in ant chain!Resale Market: 30 Days to give away (at your own discretion)Faw Toyota Mini Program and Tencent Zhixinlian will open the FUN CLUB digital collection activity from February 7 to February 26.Scan the following pictures to participate in the event, the digital collection is limited, first come, first served.6. Xiaohongshushu app will open the activity from February 5th to February 20th to receive free digital snowflakes and draw snowflake digital collections created by athletes, stars and artists. The task of the activity is very simple: open xiaohongshushu APP, search “digital collections” on the homepage and click “STEP INTO R-SPAC” to participate.Number of copies released: 80,000 Release Price: Activity Pick up Release Date: Feb05 — Feb20 Resale Market: Unopened Works Appreciation: