Yuda Qichen D60PLUS 2000 yuan discount for New Year car buying season

2022-07-31 0 By

Qichen all models big price, buy is to earn!Present car sale, welcome test drive!Truly “spend less, enjoy more”.Dongfeng Nissan Qicheng BIG V: designed for young you, 190 horsepower, 100km acceleration only 8.8 seconds,1.7 square meters ultra wide Angle light sensing canopy, 24 inches large intelligent screen, 540 degrees HD video…Just ask if you smell good!The new car has arrived in the store, welcome to taste, to the store test drive are polite, as well as youth loan, 0 down payment and other financial solutions tailored to the force.Replacement to high subsidy 5000 yuan, Dongfeng Nissan double brand owners purchase subsidy 3000 yuan, free basic flow for life, enjoy the power assembly warranty for life, how long you use we will give you how long!A-class SUV first-class class Qi Chenxing: down payment of 23,800 package card loan home, large space, the same level of exclusive Queen’s first officer, 15.6 inch large screen, panoramic surveillance video system, 0 down payment, 0 interest for two years, car purchase enjoy life warranty power assembly;Kai Chen D60PLUS: Rmb888 to RMB5888 car purchase gift, low interest loan customers plus rmb666 car comfort boutique gift package;Increase and exchange to high 5000 yuan subsidy, buy a car that enjoy 5 years / 150,000 kilometers of original vehicle warranty, free lifetime basic flow open network about car preferred Kai Chen D60EV, battery warranty five years 500,000 kilometers, 0 down payment, including online about car operators 0 down payment, 0 interest, 0 risk, 0 worry, ultra-low monthly supply, ultra-low interest rate quota loan!Address: No. 222 shixin Road, Jiulongpo District (diagonally opposite bashan DMV