Wild goose tower is still | snow removal to ensure the resumption of work and production safety travel

2022-07-31 0 By

On February 7, the continuous snowfall caused some sections of the West Third Ring Road to freeze. The Yanta District Urban Management Bureau took urgent action and organized personnel and equipment to clear snow and deice the frozen section to ensure the smooth resumption of work and production.”In order to cope with the bad weather, our bureau set up the district, street and enterprise three level joint snow and ice command mechanism, and required the district aircraft sweep team, the street office (park office) and the cleaning company to set up emergency headquarters.”Liu Lei, a staff member of the Yanta District Urban Management Bureau, said, “We have asked relevant units to arrange special personnel on duty and be on duty all day to ensure that operations can start as soon as snow falls.”According to reports, in order to ensure the orderly development of the work, the district Urban management Bureau also formulated the snow removal plan in advance, supplement and improve the relevant materials.Fully equipped with warm clothes, shoes, gloves and other items, to ensure timely distribution of front-line cleaning personnel.Complete overhaul of snow removal equipment and vehicles to ensure they can be pulled and won at any time.”Since the snow began on February 5, we have cleared 10 roads with snow and two roads with ice.Fifteen tons of snowmelt agent were dropped, 6,600 people were mobilized, and 120 machines were deployed.””At present, we have 90 sets of vehicles and equipment, 757 tons of environment-friendly snowmelt agents and more than 16,000 pieces of manual cleaning tools, which can cope with bad weather at any time to ensure safe travel,” Liu said.