The second generation CS75PLUS is equipped with 8AT

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Changan second generation CS75PLUS released the pre-sale price, triggering a wide discussion among netizens, many netizens said that the new car is more sincere, more worth buying, has locked the explosive model in advance.So, why can the second generation OF CS75PLUS do not hit the market?Continuous upgrading, always new impression, the general replacement cycle of Japanese and German products is about 6-7 years, such as the third generation Of Qijun from 2014 to 2021, seven years in service;Independent brands, such as Haffer H6, push this cycle to 5 years, while changan CS75PLUS is crazy because it reduces the cycle to more than 2 years.Note that this is not a small upgrade of configuration or design, but a comprehensive refresh from modeling to three major components. CS75PLUS has evolved from the first generation to the second generation in less than three years, with a rapid update frequency and a large upgrade range, which is unprecedented in the same market.In some ways, the CS75PLUS is less like a car with tens of thousands of parts and more like a technology product like a phone.That’s where we get the idea. One of the secrets of the CS75 series is that it keeps getting updated.Take the second generation CS75PLUS as an example.When the compact SUV at the same price is still obsessed with how young, it has jumped out of the mold of sports, for young people to provide two appearance, one is the whale tail hit wave grille, personality, radical;One is crystal matrix grating, delicate, fashionable, to meet the diversified aesthetic needs of users.The second generation CS75PLUS did not stop there. With the new and upgraded LED headlights and the through LED taillights, a 150,000-class Domestic SUV began to play with the light show, and unlocked the futuristic feeling of new power on the fuel SUV through the brilliant lighting effect.The bigger surprise is inside.If you’re tired of the plain, old-fashioned dark layout of a family SUV, try the ice crystal blue and white interior of the second-generation CS75PLUS:White gives priority to tone, detail with dark blue dot, the outline of ink painters, the east of the misty rain jiangnan YouYa rhyme, and the steering wheel, electronic archives spell of colors bring out the best in each other, and within easy reach of the soft coated, retainer and wrap securely sports seats, isn’t this the fashion of the young people crave the wind light, elegant luxury?The key is the power system.Over the past decade, Chinese consumers have either lost expectations for the limited power performance of the self-priming +CVT or worried about the less-impressive tuning of the turbo + dual clutch.Over time, turbocharged +8AT has become the “white moon” in the hearts of many users.However, the cost of 8AT is there, the mainstream family SUV at least 150,000 more than 2.0T high collocation, luxury brands like BMW from X3 began to carry 8AT, and the second generation CS75PLUS standard with the new generation of 8AT gearbox, which in the 100,000-150,000 class SUV market “only this one has no other branch”.The advanced gearbox matches the more advanced engine, of course. The 1.5T version with 138kW power and 300N·m peak torque is likely to become the main sales force in the future. The parameters are even better than the 1.5T Honda Earth Dream.What’s even more impressive is that the 1.5T can reach peak torque at 1250 RPM, which means it can deliver peak torque for most of the daily commute, making it easy to accelerate and overtake.In addition to its powerful power, the second generation CS75PLUS is also very fuel-efficient, with its 100km integrated fuel consumption as low as 6.4L.And 2.0t engine power 171kW, peak torque 390N·m, not only the parameters are eye-catching, technology is more than 20 upgrades, both power performance and fuel economy are further.Since its birth in 1886, the automobile has in essence delivered passenger safety from point A to point B. Although in the following 100 years, the design and performance of automobiles have undergone tremendous changes, consumers’ initial desire for automobile safety has never changed.For Changan CS75PLUS, the same is true, the shape and power can change, but all changes are inseparable from its root, the adherence to safety, protect the life and health of the family, CS75PLUS has not changed.The product has a say.As early as 2019, the CS75PLUS received a “five-star safety rating” among C-NCAP rated models.Subsequently, in the C-IASI Crash test, the CS75PLUS achieved a perfect SCORE (G) in six categories, including frontal 25% offset collision, side impact, roof strength and seat/headrest evaluation, comprehensively demonstrating its superior passenger protection capability.In addition, the “double standard” for the first time publicly crash tests, namely, 27 ° intersection corner collision and 80 km/h high-speed crash, changan CS75 PLUS | | inquiry pictures (parameters) with its own “steel” carry down, after the event still can normal boot, also shows its excellent safety performance.On the second generation CS75PLUS, the safety performance of the whole vehicle is further advanced.On the one hand, it is passive safety. The second generation CS75PLUS is equipped with 6 airbags with higher cost and large side air curtain, which can be deployed in place in 0.03s at the moment of collision, escorting drivers and passengers at any time.In contrast, the bigger bright spot is the active intelligent security system of the second generation CS75PLUS, which is truly preventive.For example, its new IACC+ intelligent cruise system, equipped with 12 ultrasonic radars, three millimeter wave radars and five on-board cameras, can collect road driving information faster and more clearly, which can be called the upgrade version of the conventional full-speed domain adaptive cruise.Whether against the old driver fatigue driving on the highway, or novices in congested urban road commuter, with it, set with car cruising speed, distance, vehicles will follow the limber, acceleration, deceleration, parking, easily on the ground line is clear, good weather conditions, such as vehicle can run within online, do not partial and carrots;More intelligent is that it can automatically slow down corners.Combined with AEB intelligent emergency braking assist system, it is just like a tireless old driver sitting in the first officer, who brakes for you at any time in an emergency to protect the life and safety of passengers in the car.At the same time, the second generation CS75PLUS is also equipped with 540° HD panoramic image system, which is rare in the class, integrating 360° HD panoramic image, 180° chassis perspective and dashcam function.Just imagine, when you drive a new car in the mountains, in the face of complex and steep road conditions, everything around it can be viewed, so as to ensure the safety of the family.For intimate is, in the second generation OF CS75PLUS intelligent security system, most of the operation is not high decoration, engineers also consider the practicality, more down-to-earth, but also convenient for consumers to use.Here are three examples.Or IACC+. Although adaptive cruise is popularized in the 150-thousand class SUV market, most users are not aware of the tedious operation. The second generation CS75PLUS is very user-friendly and can be woken up by voice.The second is W-HUD head display. The 9-inch display of the second generation CS75PLUS can be adjusted according to the height of the driver’s sitting position and the position of the eyeball, so as to facilitate the safe use of owners with different body types.And then reverse the track.When you pull into a dead end, the system will log vehicle parking in front of a path (no more than 50 m), in a box, a key to start tracking astern, the vehicle to track down back to the original road, in the limited space behind the narrow lanes or cannot be observed clearly, is particularly useful, avoid the novice driver in the process of reverse cut,These smart security features are rare in their class.Therefore, for Changan CS75 series, always keep one step ahead of the same level of safety performance, is the second secret of its hot sales.As one of the enduring models in the SUV market of 100,000-150,000 class, Changan CS75 series was launched in 2014 and exceeded one million in just seven years. In 2021, changan CS75 series became a worthy new benchmark in the SUV market of 100,000-150,000 class with sales of more than 280,000 units.In the increasingly competitive compact SUV market, why can Changan CS75 series keep the sales volume evergreen? In the second generation CS75PLUS, we find the answer, which is to take the user’s rights as the base, update and iterate quickly, always one step ahead of the same level, always ahead of the trend of The Times, or even lead the trend.Continue to build products that exceed consumer expectations.2022 Changan CS75 PLUS 1.5T portable self-integrated elite 117,900 gift bag 117,900 inquiry test drive 2022 Changan CS75 PLUS 1.5T portable self-integrated luxury gift bag 124,900 inquiryTest drive 2022 Changan CS75 PLUS second generation 1.5T portable luxury model 127,900 — book inquiry test drive 2022 Changan CS75 PLUS 1.5T portable luxury model 131,900 gift package 131,900 inquiry test drive 2022 Changan CS75PLUS the second generation of 1.5T self-integrated noble model 132,900 — can book inquiry test drive of 2022 Changan CS75 PLUS the second generation of 2.0t self-integrated hand model 138,900 — can book inquiry test drive of 2022 Changan CS75 PLUS the second generation 2.0t self-integrated hand model2022 Changan CS75 PLUS second generation 2.0T manual pilot model 147,900 — can be booked inquiryThe 2022 Changan CS75 PLUS 2.0T portable self-integrated flagship model will be available for trial drive from February 5, 2022 to 154,900 yuanFebruary 11, 2022