The end of the Beginning left that question unanswered

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Many people did not expect that the first day of the online broadcast of only 16 million 15-episode short drama, in the pursuit of more and more “tap water”, attention all the way high, all kinds of hot search, even many viewers said that the “bus”, “pressure cooker”, “cycle” and other keywords out of the “sequela”.Tonight, the Beginning AIRS its finale. Are you watching?…Be careful!Here’s what happens…Novel set, regrettable rhythm college student Li Shiqing (Zhao Jinmai is acted the role of) take 45 road bus encounter bus explosion on the way, she should explode to die originally returns the time and space that explosion signs afresh however.How can car accidents be prevented?She hand game architect Xiao Heyun (Bai Jingting), began to look for the murderer together.But what they face, not only is the cruel murderer that reprisals society wholeheartedly, still have police trace, the concern of whole society…In tonight’s finale, Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing enter the cycle again after police help uncover evidence that Wang Mengmeng, the daughter of bus drivers Wang Xingde (Huang Jue) and Tao Yinghong (Liu Dan), was molested by a bus pervert.After waking up from the loop, Xiao Heyun cannot wake up because the body is weak for a time, Li Shiqing immediately sends short messages to Interpol Zhang Cheng (Liu Yijun is acted the role of) alarm rescue, and strive for the assistance of other passengers such as Lu Di.Finally, Xiao Heyun woke up tao Yinghong, Ludi grabbed hold of the pressure cooker bomb, the police on the bridge forced to stop 45 bus.Under the common persuasion of all people, Wang Xingde and Tao Yinghong decided to believe that the police, the whole car smoothly saved…There is no direct answer to the question of how the “loop” begins.At the end of the story, the passengers on the bus together won the “Good Samaritans award”, and the bus pervert who harassed Wang, Wang Xingde and Tao Yinghong were also put on trial.The success of “The Beginning” lies, first and foremost, in the freshness of the story.Even though it is not “infinite stream” in the standard sense, after the opening of Douban, most of the audience gave encouragement and affirmation. 34.% of the audience gave 5 stars, 45.7% also gave 4 stars. Some netizens even shouted that this is an excellent film that can “sail to the sea”, “look at it!Amazingly good-looking!Domestic first infinite flow incredibly every role IQ online logic not disorderly acting also ok, good let me shocked!”But while praising the genre’s innovations, some viewers are keenly aware that the Beginning’s flaws are obvious — its pace is slow, its narrative drawn-out, and it could have been twice as good if it had been shortened to 10 episodes.Yes, “The Beginning” takes a more straight-forward approach to telling the “loop” at the heart of the story, and the early episodes offer limited useful information:Eight episodes later, the main characters are “bombed” nearly 20 times before they finally identify the middle-aged woman tao Yinghong as the bomber. However, by the time they find out who is involved in the bombing, the Beginning has aired two more episodes and rolled the loop four more times.For this reason, many viewers are expecting and worrying about tonight’s finale, saying, “It’s worth encouraging, but don’t let it end badly.”Fortunately, after the end of the broadcast, many of the “sadomasako” audience were relieved: “Everyone is ok, good!”Superb acting, moving group narration and pacing are regrettable, but not overshadowed by flaws. The Beauty of “The Beginning” lies in its accurate portrayal of ordinary little people.From 6 sets, lee poetry and XiaoHeYun started on the bus the murderer, and then reveal the story of one little: from carrying heavy parental love “secondary yuan boy” lodhi, melon farmers to sell released eager to warm family, to have help struggling on the poverty line is always the heart of the migrant workers…A delicate “tear point” heavy hit in the audience heart.Higher scene appears in Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun eventually locked middle-aged women Tao Yinghong, in order to prevent the explosion, two people in two cycles with Tao Yinghong tactics — the first Tao Yinghong mercilessly blade Li Shiqing, the second Xiao Heyun staged anti-kill but still failed to prevent the explosion…The actress performed incisively and vividly, successfully making the audience feel terror, despair and anxiety, even as Liu Dan is now mocked by many netizens as “Aunt Pan”, “trembling at the sight of her”.Of course, in addition to the characters on the bus, “The Beginning” is also a delicate portrayal of police officers.Liu Yijun played the old Interpol Zhang Cheng, keen, calm, adhere to the duty, he in the 24th cycle of the heroic sacrifice scene became the drama broadcast since the most called the audience love dearly.From this point of view, the Audience likes the Beginning not only because of its fantastic imagination, but also because of its solid characterization ability, and really conveys the concern for society and yearning for justice.And all of these, is precisely the production of midday sunshine in “Mountain and Sea situation” “Big River” has been good at and adhere to.How would you rate the end of “The Beginning”?Copyright to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact to delete