She is an elder sister of sketch group, her husband falls in love with uncle Hou Yaowen’s wife however, the status quo is miserable after marriage is broken

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In a twinkling of an eye, the Year is approaching, the year is coming, every year’s Spring Festival Gala, is the whole family program, gather together, people most love is not the song and dance drama, not the host, but the sketch and cross talk, usher in the New Year in many laughter, is every year’s reserved program.Sketch from the first Spring Festival gala in 1983 there has been, always accompany you over the years, numerous outstanding comedy comedian, is the source of all joy, and then the most popular comedy actress, is Yang, Yang mount the stage of the Spring Festival gala for the first time in 1987, just one night, after the Spring Festival gala attended the 13 times the stage of CCTV,She is worthy of CCTV’s first sister.Unfortunately, career has been very smooth Yang Lei, in emotional, suffered a major blow.The marriage of Yang Lei and her husband Dai Zhicheng, is a female strong male weak marriage, Dai Zhicheng also followed Jiang Kun everywhere, Yang Lei is already a big corner, however, who also did not think, the marriage of two people, will be very unbearable story end.In 2004 was the last time, Yang attend gala, attend gala, after received the husband divorce book, husband Derek Anthony Yuan Yin floor behind fell in love with his own house, and Yang has been reluctant to believe, because Yuan Yin husband is hou, hou degress is Derek Anthony ShiShu, two people with poor generation, hou to Derek Anthony in myself when I’m not at home to take care of the little wife,I did not think that two people have an affair regardless of the family.This matter hou was a great blow, Yang also devastated, after divorce, Yang once took things too hard, want to rely on sleeping pills, drink wine to sleep, the body also not line, the face looks like a night twenty years older, again appeared in front of everyone, also does not have the spirit of the once upon a time, is the betrayal, let her pain into the bone marrow.Hope Yang Lei can return to a good state earlier, let cheat and play with female feelings of the man regret!