More than 300 college students from the capital formed a “model” team for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, waving to the people of the world

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Accompanied by cheerful or soft background music, greeting and interacting with athletes from all countries from time to time…More than 300 students from Tsinghua University, Capital Normal University, Capital Institute of Physical Education, and Capital University of Economics and Business showed the youthful features of China’s youth at the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games held at the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) on Feb 4.Reporters learned that about 100 minutes long in the opening ceremony of the performance, the athletes parade is the longest link, there are more than 40 minutes.This also means that the “pacesetters” who show the athletes the route are the ones who are present the longest.The students formed a “model team”, showing the youth style of China’s young generation.”A pacesetter is a soldier who marks the position of the athletes. Our task is to mark and indicate the route of the athletes when they enter the entrance.”At the student activity center of Tsinghua University on Jan 28, Liu Yinuo, a 2019 undergraduate student at the Law School of Tsinghua University, succinctly defined his job.Liu Yinuo, a 2019 undergraduate student at Tsinghua University’s Law School, is one of the many “pacesetters”.In fact, the task of “pacesetters” is much heavier than the few dozen words liu Yinuo said. They not only have to guide athletes from all countries to walk on the right path, but also be responsible for expressing the youth and vitality of The Chinese youth with rich body movements, and showing the enthusiasm of the Chinese people.”I was a leader in my middle school and I really like these activities.”The cheerful Liu Yinuo in the Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in the performance of ten points, every move is full of confidence.But even with rich experience like Liu, the “pacesetters” are still “out of breath” at the beginning of their training.Geng Shiqi, a second-year graduate student in the department of Precision Instruments at Tsinghua University, told the reporter that he started training in October 2021. “At first, I said it might take an hour to jump, but I thought it would just be jumping and jumping. Why would I be tired?”I didn’t expect the “slap in the face” to come very quickly.”Soon a strict director came and taught us a routine, and AFTER three or four minutes OF dancing I felt breathless.”Only then did Geng and his classmates realize that the 40-minute “skipping” was not easy.Geng Shiqi, a second-year graduate student in the Department of Precision Instruments at Tsinghua University, said in an interview that being a “model” is a test both physically and mentally.Photo/Beijing News reporter Tang Wenxin Harder to come.During the opening ceremony, more than a dozen songs will be played throughout the parade, each with one or two moves.During training, the pacesetters had more to memorize.”The opening ceremony was the last one chosen to be showcased.I must have learned 30 moves in training.Just remembering the actions is especially mentally challenging because you have to remember not only the actions, but also the order in which they occurred.”Geng said it was a test of both physical and mental strength.Cross your hands across your chest, pat your hips on both sides, clap your hands, give a “like” gesture, open your hands up…As the Chinese athletes entered the Stadium, the song “Ode to the Motherland” was played and the “pioneers” began a new routine to the tune.Geng told reporters that although the movements are very simple, there are a lot of things to pay attention to in this simple set of movements, “for example, the hand is up, the arm should be straight and the Angle of expansion is 45 degrees.Sometimes we look like we’re facing the audience, but we actually turn around.”Even out of the camera’s reach, don’t be sloppy.”There’s a continuous clap, and our foot movements actually change from left to right, but if you’re watching it on TV, you don’t even notice your feet.But as pacesetters, we have to show it all.”At the same time, the “pacesetters” had to perform in thick clothes and more protective N95 masks.”It was not very cold at that time, it was very hot to put on the clothes, jumping and jumping, and the masks were not breathable.”Liu Yinuo recalled the first fitting performance, more than 40 minutes to stay down, feel particularly tired.Improving your fitness doesn’t happen overnight.Fortunately, Both Liu Yinuo and Geng Shiqi have a good foundation.Liu is a member of the school’s football and volleyball teams. “Tsinghua itself has a great sports tradition, and there is a strong sports atmosphere. I also run regularly to keep fit.””We have a winter run every year.In 2021, there will be a ‘129’ run, and the college encourages everyone to clock in after running 129 km.”Geng shiqi ran 129 kilometers in one month, with an average of 4.16 kilometers per day. “Influenced by this activity, I basically kept the habit of long-distance running, and have been running about 3 kilometers every night until now.”Thanks to his exercise habit and extensive training for the show, Geng has lost 10 jin since last October.Once you’ve built up your strength, it’s easy to do this routine.”I’ve been exercising a lot, and I’m getting used to wearing thick clothes.”Liu Yinuo said.Geng has his own secret for memorizing routines. “At the beginning, it was like radio gymnastics, very rigid.At that time, I had no idea about rhythm, musicality or rhythm, so I counted eight beats.But with music, it’s different. I just follow the lyrics and count the beats.It takes about two weeks to remember all the movements, so there are not many mistakes.””The director told us it doesn’t matter if we do something wrong, the most important thing is to be flexible.”Geng said the director taught them to keep pace if they missed a move, or to make a mistake by interacting directly with the athletes or the audience and adjusting their pace until they caught up with others. “Don’t worry about making a mistake, but show that we welcome athletes from all countries,” geng said.Liu Told reporters that in order to show a lively, cheerful, youthful Image of Chinese youth, the director also specially adjusted the way the instructions were conveyed.”When we first performed at the Bird’s Nest, the director always said we were too stiff.When they gave us the instructions afterwards, they said, ‘You are now a sex doll and you are going to rock it left and right’, or ‘You are now a cygnet and you are going to jump’.”Liu Yinuo said, hear such lovely instructions, can not help but imagine all kinds of lovely picture, action has become lovely.During the opening ceremony, the “pacesetters” wore masks to see their facial expressions.But during training, their expressions were pinched many times.”We were training in the Tsinghua Gym and the director told us not to do anything, just stand there and laugh for 10 minutes.”Geng said it was hard for many students to keep laughing because they didn’t know each other well and the director’s team.When he failed to do so, the director would go to the students and encourage them, saying, Make sure you laugh with eight teeth.Geng and his friends have gradually adopted laughter as a form of training and conveyed a happy atmosphere in their performances.Why do you have to smile when you can’t see the expression when you’re wearing a mask?”Because when you smile, your eyes are light and curved, and those who see it will feel the passion we convey,” Geng explained.From a few hours a week, to two days a week, to ready training at any time, the “pacesetters” have spent their weekends rehearsing since October 2021.”I had a legal clinic class last semester, and it was on Saturday mornings every two weeks.The training also happened to be on Saturday, but fortunately, both sides asked for a leave, and then also smoothly finished the class.”Liu yinuo said that in order to complete the volunteer activity, he could not take into account part of his studies. “I quit two elective courses, but it will not affect my credit tasks to be completed in college.”In Liu’s opinion, the Winter Olympics is also a good elective course.”I remember when General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the preparations for the Winter Olympics on January 6, he said to the volunteers, ‘Volunteering for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics is a rare opportunity in life.'”Liu yinuo said that his participation in the “model” mission is a vivid learning and education, he also in such activities, in the most vivid and direct way to feel their own and the fate of the country closely linked.Every time he heard “Ode to the Motherland” in the Bird’s Nest, Liu Yinuo could not help singing out in his heart, “This is our ‘second national anthem’.I’m really excited.Tsinghua University has always advocated that students should go to the big stage and do big things.In my opinion, the Winter Olympics is a big business, we as’ model ‘performance in the Bird’s Nest, is on the big stage to do a big business.”Geng never told his mother what he was doing.”She just knew I was volunteering, but she didn’t know what it was.”All Geng told his mother was to watch the opening ceremony on TV, “I’ll wave to you.””I am not only waving to the athletes, but also to my parents, my relatives and people from all over China and the world.”Every time geng Shiqi thought of this, his heart would rise with countless warmth, and he felt that his mission was glorious and his responsibility was great. “Even when tired, WE should always stick to it and present our best side to everyone.”A native of Beijing, Liu was born on July 13, 2001, when Beijing was awarded the right to host the 2008 Olympics.Liu yinuo grew up in the atmosphere of welcoming the Olympic Games. In 2019, Liu Yinuo officially entered Tsinghua University and signed up as a volunteer for the Winter Olympics reserve at the beginning of enrollment.Geng Shiqi, a native of Mianyang, Sichuan Province, was born in 1998.When Beijing hosted the 2008 Olympics, he had just experienced the devastating Wenchuan earthquake.Surrounded by a television in a makeshift tent after the disaster, Geng and his friends cheered for Lin Hao, a nine-year-old sichuan hero who appeared in the opening ceremony.At that time, he experienced firsthand that “The Chinese people can overcome whatever difficulties they face and still put on an incomparable Olympics in the end” and dreamed of watching the Olympics in China again.For Liu Yinuo and Geng Shiqi, a childhood dream has come true, as the teenager who once cheered in front of the screen took the stage at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.Beijing News reporter Yang Feifei edited wu Huimiao Chen Xia proofread Fu Chunyin Jia Ning