Lexus pure electric roadster concept car with a range of up to 700 km

2022-07-31 0 By

Lexus has released more concept art for its new concept all-electric sports car.The Lexus BEV Sport Concept joins a long list of all-electric models Toyota has released at once.Following two SUVs and a four-door coupe, the new all-electric supercar further enriches Lexus’ lineup of future all-electric vehicles.At the same time, the emergence of this concept car also makes us more hopeful that Lexus will perform in the pure electric space.In terms of appearance, the nose of the new car is similar to that of Lexus Electrified Sedan. Enclosed grille is adopted, and the classic spindle front face is removed. As a sports car that pursues extreme aerodynamics, the nose of the new car is flatter, and air vents are designed on both sides of the upper cover.To further optimize the overall drag coefficient.In addition, new production cars seem to use split headlamp design, its shape will be very sharp, and well integrated with the body design, with less wind resistance.Although the new car is an all-electric sports car, its side design is similar to that of a petrol-powered car with a large longitudinal internal-combustion engine, with a long nose and a mid-body cockpit.At the same time, the front windshield of the new car does not adopt the design of super-large inclination Angle, although this will affect the wind resistance of the whole car to a certain extent, but also allow the driver to have a better view. Therefore, it is inferred that the mass production car of the new car will try to take care of the user’s daily car experience.In addition, the new car also carries a large size of the wheel, brake calipers painted red, the overall movement of the breath is still very thick.In the rear of the car, the roof design of sliding back is naturally integrated with the rear of the car, the rear part of the car will carry a small size spoiler, and the taillight design of the new car is very exaggerated, it is unlikely to continue such a complex design without excessive production.As with other concept cars, no specific power information has been released yet, but the new car will have a 0-96km/h acceleration time of less than two seconds.Solid-state batteries are also expected to give the car a range of around 700km.