Jinan Pagoda Yin created the first double-screen naked eye 3D “Spring City New Night Banquet”, which was praised by CCTV

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On February 17, 2022, the first plenary session of the 13th CPC Huaiyin District Congress of Jinan was held. Sun Changjian, Secretary of huaiyin District Committee, delivered a report to the congress on behalf of the 12th CPC Huaiyin District Committee.Photography | Chen Zezhen sun chang said that over the past five years HuaiYin District cities overall ascension, shaped “landscape is linked together, the city of garden” HuaiYin image.We vigorously carried out urban renewal, upgrading 4.8 million square meters of old residential areas, benefiting more than 60,000 households.We carried out 16 projects to renovate rundown areas, including the Wuli Memorial Gates and pencil Factory, and moved 10,900 households out of rundown areas one year ahead of schedule, especially through the renovation project for rundown areas along the 11th Road.The transportation system is improving day by day, including 15 dead roads and bottleneck roads such as Machine Tool No.2 Factory Road and Qizhou Road South Extension. The North Park elevated west extension express Road, rail transit Line 1 and Line 2 have been completed and opened to traffic, realizing zero transfer of subway, high-speed rail, long-distance passenger transport and city bus.It has actively carried out the construction of a national model city of civilization, with more than 6,500 demolition and demolition sites, covering 9.6 million square meters, and built 1.2 million square meters of green through green, and built 14 urban parks such as xingfu Temple Pagoda Tree Square. In particular, the demolition of xingji River mall, which was illegally built 105,000 square meters, has transformed xingji River into an “urban waterfront landscape belt”.Focusing on “urban aesthetics”, the company has carried out lighting transformation and upgrading in east Square of Jinan West Railway Station, Gate of Qilu, Shandong Expressway Plaza, Provincial Capital Grand Theater, Shandong Convention and Exhibition Center and other areas, and created the first double-screen naked eye 3D “Spring City New Night Banquet” in China, which won praise from CCTV.The implementation of purification, beautification, greening and lighting of the “four upgrading”, promote the full coverage of urban and rural road mechanization cleaning;Carefully build “three willow” and other cultural landscape, become a new landmark of the network red card.Huaiyin old city has changed into a new butterfly, the new city of silver trees, the level of urban appearance, temperament and connotation are constantly improving, becoming a “city of thousands of gardens” with flowers in spring, shade in summer, colorful in autumn, green in winter, beautiful mountains and rivers, flowers.In the past five years, the ecological environment of huaiyin district has improved significantly, showing the huaiyin spirit of “ecological friendliness and great beauty of Huaiyin”.We resolutely won the battle to protect our blue sky, clear water, and clear land, and gradually took shape a modern environmental monitoring system. Notable progress was made in joint prevention and control of air pollution. All binding air quality indicators met municipal standards, PM2.5 was improved by 24.2 percent, and the number of days with good air quality was increased by 25.7 percent.We restored the water ecology of the Yellow River basin, completed the key project to protect city embankments in the Changpingtan area, and successfully passed the biggest autumn flood test in 36 years. The water quality of the headwaters of the Xiaoqing River reached the Class II standard, the best level since monitoring records began.Huaiyin District took the lead in realizing the full coverage of village-level sewage treatment facilities in the whole city, and promoted the “clean network campaign” of drainage pipe network to ensure that rivers and lakes are “long treated and long clean”.The prevention and control of soil pollution has been carried out comprehensively, and plots of land for key industries and enterprises have been strictly controlled. All cultivated land in the region has reached the standard of first-class agricultural land, and the safe utilization rate of polluted plots has reached 100%.We will cover all beautiful villages along the Yellow River, and build seven qilu model villages for rural revitalization and two provincial-level model villages for beautiful villages.Significant progress was made in improving the rural living environment, with 100 percent coverage in five areas, including clean villages, sewage treatment, road hardening for every household, integrated sanitation for urban and rural areas, and the management and maintenance of rural toilets, making a sound ecological environment a source of growth for improving people’s lives.Source: New Yellow River