Grab key points, strengthen weak boards, strong and weak items, these four measures solidly promote the “reduction control” work

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2022 reduction control four measures to advance grasp key fill short strength for comprehensive strengthening of road traffic safety management work, from the source to prevent and reduce road traffic accidents, for days, xishui county public security bureau traffic police brigade at accident prevention “charged with reducing large” work objectives, grasp key, short, strong or weak, comprehensive build a road traffic safety net,We will make solid progress in preventing road traffic accidents by reducing traffic and controlling traffic accidents on a large scale.Traffic police brigade combined with accident-prone and frequent sections, increase the investigation of road traffic safety risks under the jurisdiction, do a good job in the investigation of road traffic safety risks, register the new hidden risks one by one, and report to the relevant departments for unified rectification and maintenance if they can be rectified in time.At the same time continue to push forward rural highway safety facilities life protection engineering construction, from the system MoPai, field reconnaissance, the perfect mark lines, warning column, the speed, security, intelligent early-warning prompt facilities and other aspects, to further optimize and improve the traffic safety infrastructure, improve the level crossing traffic safety conditions, laying solid foundation for road safety.02 global high-frequency road, purify the traffic environment for key vehicles, highlight the illegal, important time, deployment of police, traffic police brigade science reasonable arrangement of service, logistic patrol special police brigade, make strong traffic “Allies”, in the country, provincial key sections, in the key period increased control, strengthen the illegal vehicles, illegal behavior for centralized control,Focus on investigating and dealing with overcrowding and overloading, unlicensed and unlicensed, drunk driving, illegal people, scrapping cars on the road, carpooling and chartering overcrowding and other prominent traffic violations.Increase the intensity of urban traffic control management, to carry out the “small vehicles” stop normal cleaning up, rectification, vehicle spare should standardize the order of construction vehicle transportation, further purification urban road traffic environment, and actively develop education persuasion, popularizing the traffic laws and regulations knowledge and deepen the “a” area on the helmet safety guard action, remind people obey the traffic rules and driving personnel,Drive and ride civilly, wear safety helmet, fasten seat belt, develop good travel and driving habits.Road order purification 03 intensive propaganda offensive, create a strong atmosphere to organize publicity police to carry out publicity activities in key market towns and villages along the provincial road.Propaganda by police in the form of the expression “face to face”, issued publicity materials, answer to farmers friend publicity traffic safety knowledge, combined with recent area of typical accident cases at the same time, in a comprehensible language interpretation and agricultural tricycle illegal manned, driving without a license, riding a motorcycle is not sending helmet hazards such as traffic violations of the law,Remind them to develop a good habit of consciously abiding by traffic safety laws and regulations.At the same time, using the county new rural digital cinema line Co., LTD. “film to the countryside” activity opportunity, in the county 13 towns to carry out traffic safety publicity “send film to the countryside” tour propaganda activities.Before the movie playback, being provided for the villagers traffic safety warning education clips, let traffic safety knowledge in the form of film into the countryside, make the broad masses of farmers friend both amateur rich cultural life, and learn the traffic safety knowledge, improve their traffic safety consciousness and daily travel notes, develop a compliance to obey the law, to form good habit of civilized travel.04 logistic joint defense, regional collaborative work up to focus on the rural transportation safety concerns prominent, rural police station traffic patrol squadron synchronization order to develop rural traffic safety campaign, keep high pressure of all kinds of serious traffic violations with sympathetic, resolutely eliminate traffic safety hidden trouble, do not give all kinds of traffic illegal to develop rural areas.Aiming at the long-standing “stubborn disease” of illegal modification and overloading of trucks, focusing on large trucks such as gravel transporters and dregs, coordinating and cooperating with transportation and other relevant departments, focusing on special rectification actions, heavy-handed attack, strictly investigating, cracking down on illegal modification, assembling and overloading of trucks.To strengthen urban traffic violations stop normal cleaning, joint urban enforcement of regulation violations “stubborn” program, in “one river two sides” along the river road, li wen avenue sympathetic sections, such as might have left, education advised and take photos posted a single measures, such as to stop lying, breach stop disorderly, strong-arming illegal behaviors such as advised from and renovation, eliminate traffic barriers, improve the traffic efficiency.Since the middle of March, 37 cases of drunk driving (including 5 cases of drunk driving), 169 cases of motorcycle without license, 79 cases of motorcycle without license plate, 31 cases of motorcycle without insurance, 285 cases of motorcycle not wearing safety helmet as required, and over 400 parasols were removed.Drag affects traffic violation parking motor vehicles, electric vehicles 370.Huanggang traffic police tips obey laws and regulations, know comity, safe and civilized travel audit: Ruan Jinghong, Wang Ke editor: Tian Jiye