Buy 09PHEV enjoy eight New Year car rights and interests show car in the shop can test drive

2022-07-31 0 By

March 1 solstice line order and up and down the car, on April 30 4000 yuan 1000 yuan deposit deduction financing to march on March 31, 1 solstice of car users to participate in the lucky draw, have the opportunity to receive $ten thousand oil card gift on March 20 current car flash grab stocks last first prize: a $10000 oil card second prize: SONY’s wireless bluetooth headset third prize:Myrick spinning bike fourth prize: Zhiyun Smooth handheld platform fifth prize:Singing bar small dome microphone public institutions/civil servants/medical staff/soldiers to shop to buy cars enjoy additional subsidies replacement LYNk any model enjoy 6000 yuan subsidy current Lynk owners to buy additional subsidies enjoy 3000 yuan (replacement/special occupation can not be enjoyed with the additional purchase subsidies at the same time) enjoy lifelong 3 free (free warranty free road rescueFree data flow) you can enjoy 24 periods of 0 interest instalments for as low as 18 yuan, welcome to call the shop to inquire about preferential terms and conditions with consumption: in-store card on the in-store insurance discount prerequisite: local residence permit