45 year old aunt as live-in nanny for 82 year old man: salary 8000 yuan, but I want to cry every day

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Guide language rises ceaselessly as living standard, the life of people crosses better, the family with a lot of economic condition better now, choose to ask nanny to take care of the life in the home.Many old people have also changed the concept, before the pension is to follow the children, but now they have the idea of asking a nanny for the pension.Please nanny although a month is also big thousands of, but can let the elderly get the care of the nanny, the children who struggle outside do not need to worry about the old man in the home, so this pension way is really quite good.”It pays to be a live-in nanny. My employer now pays me 8,000 yuan a month, but I feel like crying every day and want to quit,” said zhang, 45.What’s going on here?Let’s take a look at aunt Zhang’s story.Aunt Zhang: I am 45 years old this year. My family is in a remote mountain village in the north of China. We are backward there and the transportation is not very convenient.Because my family condition is relatively poor, there are many brothers and sisters in the family, so I did not read any books, I read grade three primary school dropped out of school to go home.But because of school, I especially hard work, so I also know a lot of words, Mandarin is also can speak, but is not as fluent as the children of the big city mandarin.Most of the girls in my country got married before they were 20 years old. After marriage, they had children all the time. I didn’t want to live such a life, so I decided to go out to fight regardless of my parents’ opposition.It was really hard for me when I first went out, because I was a stranger in this place, and I got cheated a few times to help people work for nothing.But as time went by, I got smarter, so I got used to life in the big city.After working outside for several years, I met my husband, who is a local, but his family condition is not so good.At that time, I felt that my husband was more reliable, not the kind of colorful people, and it was good for me when we were partners, so LATER I married my husband, from the north to the south.At that time, my parents also disagreed. They thought it was too far. If I was bullied in the future, there would be no one to stand up for me.Maybe this is the worry of the mother.But I believe in my vision, I think my husband can give me the happiness I want, and I also want to develop here, so I finally married my husband.My parents had no choice but to agree, but my husband did not let them down, marriage has always been good to me, even now we have been married for decades, he is still as good to me as before, I have been living a happy life as I wanted.My husband and I have three sons together, so there’s a lot of pressure on us. After all, they’re going to have a family soon, and getting married will cost a lot of money.So a few years ago I chose to be a nanny, because the salary is still very handsome, I have been a nanny for 9 years now.Over the years, there have been joy and tears, sometimes I really feel particularly tired, especially want to resign, but I still hold on.I especially want to talk about my current employer, an 82-year-old old man, known as Uncle Li.Uncle Li is a special employer who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. At that time, Uncle Li’s son helped him find a nanny. Before me, his family had changed many nannies.I used to take care of the elderly, the most difficult to take care of is the paralysed elderly, because it is quite difficult, senile dementia elderly I have never taken care of, but I also heard that this kind of elderly are not easy to serve.But I chose to take the job because I really need the money now.The year before last, my eldest son got married and most of our family savings were used up.The second son also plans to get married this year, even the date is good, on the National Day.But our family savings are still a little thin, so I want to earn more so that I can give my son a pastry wedding when the time comes.When I first went to Uncle Li’s house, uncle Li was quite normal and talked with me happily that day. He seemed very kind and not difficult to get along with.After several days of this state, I was relieved, because I thought Uncle Li was so nice that even when he was ill, he should not be so difficult to serve.However, the reality is not as good as I imagined, Uncle Li when the onset of the disease like a changed person, temperament change, temper become particularly irritable.I love swearing so much that MY mouth never stops, and I dare not get too close to Uncle Li, because he sometimes beats people.Once before, Uncle Li’s son was beaten, but also with Uncle Li’s walking stick, his stick is solid wood, beating people can be painful.That day uncle Li’s son was beaten so badly that his arm was black. I was so scared that I didn’t dare to go near him for fear of being beaten.So every time Uncle Li has a seizure, I have to stay away from him.I was a little grumpy, but at least it was okay for me, and I wasn’t doing any real harm.But then Uncle Li’s illness slowly became serious, every time he did not understand the common sense, always anywhere at any time to urinate, said he did not understand, at the beginning of uncle Li just at home.However, after a period of time, he often went to the inside of the elevator, I did not know the first time, later other owners saw, so I complained to the property, I know.So from then on, I have to watch Uncle Li every day, because I really don’t want to clean the elevator, but sometimes I can’t help it, I feel really tired.I have to take Grandpa Li out every day. In fact, I am also afraid to take him out. Every time, he always makes something difficult for me.Once passing by a milk powder shop, he went in and ran with two cans of milk powder in his arms. The waiter immediately shouted “stop thief”.After that, I helped to arrest Uncle Li. I also explained and apologized to others, and they were willing to forgive.There was another time when we were walking, and there was a stool on the road, and someone was sitting there, and Uncle Li spit on someone. That young man would have hit someone if he hadn’t been so old.Finally, it went on for a long time. I called Uncle Li’s son, and uncle Li’s son asked me to help pay for the loss. Finally, he was making amends, but the other party didn’t care.Uncle Li does these things are really not done by people, so I really do not want to go out with him, every time I go out are particularly upset.But he also likes to go out, every time to let me accompany him to go out, sometimes to buy food to follow.The owners of the vegetable market near Uncle Li’s home are a little afraid of Uncle Li, because Uncle Li always does bad things, sometimes just run away with the food, really speechless, and I can only clean up his mess every time.Recently, Uncle Li did not sleep at midnight, so he went to the bathroom to play with water. One night, his room was soaked. Fortunately, I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, otherwise the house would be flooded.I was cleaning from four in the morning until seven or eight in the morning, and it was really excruciating.I feel like crying every day. It’s so painful. It’s so hard to take care of an elderly person with dementia.I really want to quit, but FOR the high salary I’m going to put up with it, but I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.At the end of your life, no job is easy, and you have to work equally hard to get a good salary.What we can do is learn to relax and relieve the pressure more, so that we can cope with the work better.