“Winter Olympics coming” “Cloud on the Winter Olympics” waiting for you to participate

2022-07-30 0 By

In order to enable people to participate in the Cultural activities of the Winter Olympics without leaving their homes, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and relevant departments of Beijing and Hebei province have made full use of the advantages of the Internet to enrich the content of online communication, and spread the winter Olympics themed publicity works through the Internet, providing the Winter Olympics cultural feast in the form of “cloud on the Winter Olympics”.The first cloud exhibition hall in the history of the Olympic Games, “Beijing 2022 Cloud Exhibition Hall” has been on the official website of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter Games, “Beijing 2022″ APP, wechat mini program synchronization officially launched on January 25, open to the public.”Beijing 2022 Cloud Exhibition Hall” comprehensive use of both Chinese and English, including ice and snow carnival city, partners, winter Olympics knowledge q&A, official mall, wonderful information and other content, online will accompany the public until March 13 Beijing Winter Paralympics closing.Hebei province will launch an online exhibition and broadcast of artistic works themed “The Winter Olympics over the Clouds”.During the winter games held in the cultural square, the games are the games in the province demonstration sites, the games are demonstration community public facilities and the mainstream media platform, with “passion its charm in hebei province” as the theme, set up special column section, to create excellent film, drama, literature, radio, music, art, photography, vocal works for centralized performance show.Beijing will also launch an online Spring Festival campaign to spread fine traditional culture through the Internet.The online walking and running activities of “Baizai Red Boat Road National Olympic Running” will help the Winter Olympics and popularize snow and ice sports in the form of sports.Tongzhou district, Changping District and Miyun District held online experience activities of “Winter Dream With Craftsmanship” tongwulong, online party activities of “Charm of Ice and Snow Olympics longze” and online reading activities of Welcoming winter Olympics respectively.(Hebei Daily reporter Yang Mingjing) Pay attention to Hebei News network, know the latest news in Hebei.