Wang Liuqing: Poems of flood resistance

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Under the command of the Party flag, Xihua county writers and artists charge in the front line of jialu River flood control and emergency rescue, recording the party cadres and the masses in the same boat, to win the victory of flood control and emergency rescue battle.Xihua county party cadres stick to the embankment, they transfer the masses near the embankment, they patrol rivers and ditches, they transport love material, they maintain road traffic, they issue love meal……In order to win the victory of xihua flood control and emergency rescue, they have always fought in the forefront.Xihua flood poetry anthologies 012 flood a stay green xihua is an ancient and young city shining in the history of the Milky Way in the process of modern pentium I praise you thick history – a white child on a model in the far east of xixia pavilion with diffused nuwa, incense ShengLongQuan worshipping Buddha temple in the city busy Monkey King grave who follow villager scripts LingQian sigh a rise and fall I praise you today, as in the face of roll for the floodThe bartender zhengzhou you digging dike flood resistance of what difficult that every song that pieces of Chinese red sent to each evening for each volunteer dawn style make people respect you are a fat girl you dignified rich reputation spread – free and unfettered hu hot soup reputation far Huang Qiao peach blossom all great plains of the melon and fruit fragrance Wan Litian mouth you jujube sweet entrance is a strong boys and tightly grasp the opportunity with youAuthor Introduction: Wang Liuqing, pen name Liuqing, member of Zhoukou Writers association, director of Xihua County writers Association, member of Xihua County Literary volunteers Association.Now work in hongzhuang Primary school of East Xiating Town.