Try to sing empty!Can tianfu New District still be bought?

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Chengdu’s development direction is south and east, which has been mentioned most before.However, a recent two sessions in Chengdu several suggestions, so that many people began to hesitate.Recently, a picture of “Chengdu NPC and CPPCC Proposals” has been released in various communities and weibo real estate big V. After disassembly, several key points can be drawn: 1. Restrict the simple relocation of state-owned industries in the central urban area to the new area through administrative orders, and prohibit the relocation of administrative institutions in the central urban area to the new Area;2. Reduce the commercial land in the new district and solve the vacancy of office buildings;3. Increase the land for industrial use and storage and logistics in the new Area, distribute the petroleum, petrochemical, hydrogen energy and high-end manufacturing industries, and undertake the transfer of manufacturing in the east;4, “headquarters research and development in high-tech, manufacturing in tianxin” idea;5. Increase the land for apartments for talents, reduce the selling price of ordinary houses, attract talents and avoid the new area becoming a sleeping city;6. It is forbidden to transfer industrial land with residential land to avoid “Purple Light Core City” situation again.Any one of them, are pointing at the Tianfu New Area, intended to benefit the tianfu New Area.What would happen if we did?1. What will be the impact of restrictions on industrial layout and relocation of administrative institutions to the new area?Go to an emerging plate to step on the plate, you will find that property consultants for the development prospects of the plate, the most favorite evidence has two points, one is that the plate has no industry support, the other is XX district government is moving to the region.It is easy to understand whether there is industry support.Industry means job opportunity, job opportunity means population inflow, population inflow means expansion of demand, expansion of demand means gradual improvement of supporting facilities…On the basis of the industry, the development of the plate will become more and more mature, the demand for housing in the region will be large, and the housing price will of course rise.For example, longquan Dongshan plate, many real estate will promote the adjacent automobile industry;The real estate near xindu ring ecological zone will say that it borders on the functional area of modern transportation industry.Some industries may have nothing to do with buying a house, but they are a great tool for home buyers to sell.If industries are restricted from moving to new areas, it will naturally weaken the demand and reduce the number of “takeers”, which will affect regional GDP.The location of administrative agencies is also a hint of regional development.Every move of an administration is widely discussed, as most areas will spread from the center of government to the periphery.Chenghua district new government affairs center in the construction of Longtan Temple, Longtan Temple in these two years the rate of appearance is high;The north area of Wuhou New City, where the government affairs center of Wuhou District is located, is the area with the largest demolition and renovation efforts in Wuhou District, and now the improvement is piling up…These two “restrictions” and “bans” directly hinder the possibility of the development of the new area from the source.2, “headquarters research and development in high-tech, manufacturing in Tianxin” what will be the impact?The two most popular high-end residential blocks in Tianfu New Area are Luhu Block with good ecological environment, and Tianfu Central Business District with various headquarters.If Tianxin only lays out the manufacturing industry, it will inevitably bring down the level of the new area circle, and the owners who have spent millions to buy high-end mansions in the new area will certainly not be willing to do so.Who would pay millions to buy a manufacturing, heavily polluting area?In this way, it will inevitably hinder the new real estate pattern, new park city how to build?3. What is the situation of “Purple Light Core City”?In the south of Xinglong Lake in Tianfu New Area, unigroup · Tianfu Core City, with a total investment of 200 billion yuan, is a supporting residential project for the industry. However, due to the massive acquisition and expansion, Unigroup Group fell into bankruptcy, which affected the Chengdu Unigroup Core City project and forced it to stop (it seems to be restructuring recently).And before a lot of home buyers intended to buy its supporting housing, after the payment of sincerity, due to the delay in pre-sale, can not get a refund.On Wednesday, and buyers in leadership message board message: the message feedback buyers are also a lot of: source: led message board combined with the south gate of chengdu property market hot in recent years, each big industry enterprises in south extension, purple light core city situation such as the fact, some Suggestions on the picture is justified, if so practice, is undoubtedly the dimension reduction type blow for tianfu new area.People also have questions about this picture, is it real?For this reason, I went to various official platforms to check, but there is no official confirmation, things — to check the source of the screenshot content on various official websites, there is no source of this news (if the publisher sees this article, can contact me for information).Interestingly, on December 20 last year, Chengdu Economic Daily published a big page titled “Where are the opportunities for Chengdu when industry returns to the city center?””.The article mentions that “low-pollution, low-emission, noiseless, high-value-added industries and even manufacturing are coming back to the city center”, but it does not refer to the content circulated online, and focuses on the urban renewal of office buildings and industrial parks in the city center.Many people have taken this out of context, that the commercial Daily is in the new area.Nor is the concept of “industry returning to the inner city” a recent new one.As early as two or three years ago, this concept was frequently mentioned, as cities such as Nanjing, Fuzhou and Hangzhou all developed urban industries.Nanjing plans to build five urban industrial demonstration parks (blocks) with a floor area of no less than 50,000 square meters, at least 50 industrial enterprises and an industrial output value of more than 2 billion yuan in the main urban area in about three years.To build 15 urban industrial buildings with a construction area of no less than 10,000 square meters, no less than 20 enterprises and an industrial output value of over 500 million yuan;More than 50 new urban industrial enterprises will be cultivated annually, and 10 new urban industrial demonstration enterprises will be selected.Hangzhou in 2019 began to hold a comprehensive implementation of the “new Manufacturing plan” mobilization conference……The actual cases of these cities also prove that the return of industry to the main city is indeed good for the main city, but does not have a negative impact on the new area.Where do the screenshots of NPC and CPPCC suggestions come from?If you carefully read the report on the work of the Chengdu Municipal Government in 2022, you will find clues.On January 23, 2022, the sixth Meeting of the 17th People’s Congress of Chengdu issued the work Report of The Chengdu Municipal Government in 2022. In the work arrangement of 2022, not only the central city, but also the new urban area and the suburban new city were mentioned:Screenshot from “2022 Chengdu Government Work Report” original link: official release!See the report on the work of the Chengdu Municipal Government in 2022? There is no mention of the information about Likong Tianfu New District spread online.Also pointed out:To do the superior city new district, focusing on innovation strategy transformation of the source, the international gateway hub, core functions such as emerging industry agglomeration, support sichuan tianfu new area, east new district of chengdu, chengdu high-tech zone carrying state can assign, strong-built major functional platform, promote job balance, linkage by district of chengdu, chengdu international railway port by the open area, huai state new town,We will encourage coordinated development of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries to advance in the region and increase the carrying capacity of the population economy.So this is about the two sessions of the proposal of the argument fell apart.There are also many views: this approach is intended to short tianfu New Area, easier to get on their own.In view of this event, A Juan thinks chengdu to the south will not be cool, and tianfu New Area has a great potential for development.On Thursday, The State Council officially released the approval of Chengdu to build a Park City demonstration zone to practice the new development concept.Tianfu New Area has been vigorously practicing the construction of park city, this approval is undoubtedly another significant good news for Tianfu New Area.But yesterday, Sichuan daily also issued a special issue on tianfu New Area, said sichuan Tianfu new area jumped the first national new area phalanx.The paper also demonstrates from many aspects, such as where the growth pole comes from, how to build the power source, how to determine the direction of The Times and how to build the park city.The timing of this special issue speaks for itself.In addition, the development of Tianfu New Area is also obvious to all: 1. The status of state-level new area is hard to shake.As a state-level new area, Tianfu New Area has become an open inland economic highland since its establishment in October 2014, and its GDP contribution ranks first among the 19 state-level new areas in China.In 2019, Sichuan’s Tianfu New Area ranked fifth with a GDP of 327 billion yuan.In 2020, 11 new areas will have a GDP of more than 100 billion yuan. Tianfu New Area ranks fifth with a GDP of 356.1 billion yuan.Tianfu New Area is undoubtedly a pillar of Sichuan’s GDP. Since its establishment in 2014, a large amount of financial and material resources have been invested to build it. It is impossible to suppress its development suddenly this year.2. The infrastructure of Tianfu New Area has taken shape, and large supporting facilities are visible.The second evidence that Tianfu New Area will definitely not cool is that, with the vigorous construction and development in recent years, many plate foundation supporting facilities in Tianfu New Area have been formed, and many plate large-scale planning has been landed, which is an undeniable fact.From the perspective of the two supporting facilities of subway and school district that people value most when buying a house: Currently, tianfu New Area has four subway lines 1, 5, 6 and 18 completed and put into operation, as well as Subway Line 19 and Line 18 under construction.Every subway is planned with the future development in mind. Such intensive subway construction in Tianfu New Area also means that there will be a huge demand for passenger flow in the future.What city spends billions of dollars to build a subway in the middle of nowhere?The direction of each line, site selection, are carefully considered.Secondly, in terms of school districts, Tianfu New District is also the first area in Chengdu to implement multi-school zoning.In densely populated areas A, B and C, most schools have opened. Although the schools are new, there are some schools with excellent teaching quality, such as Tianfu Primary School, which is led by Chengdu Experimental Primary School, and Tianfu Third Primary School, which is led by Longjiang Road Primary School.Education and transportation, which buyers care most about, are nearly perfect in Tianfu New Area, and other commercial and medical aspects are no worse than those in the main urban area.In terms of commerce, vanke Life Square and Zhonghai Tianfu Huanyu Square have already been put into operation in Jinjiang Ecological zone, which is relatively mature in Tianfu New Area.In luhu Plate, where high-end improvement is concentrated, lufang Center, Luke Island and other businesses are becoming more and more perfect.In The Central Business District of Tianfu, tianfu International Bonded Commercial Center is about to open, and Chengdu’s second Joy City — Tianfu Joy City is under construction…On October 13, 2021, West China Tianfu Hospital of Sichuan University was officially opened. Tianfu New Area also has the first “West China brand” comprehensive public hospital in the region.Sichuan University West China Tianfu Hospital has been advocating to build tianfu New Area as a park city, which is not empty in terms of environmental resources, including Luhu Lake, Xinglong Lake, Tianfu Park and Luxi River Ecological Zone.Not long ago, Xinglong Lake has been rebuilt and upgraded. After appearing, it is more beautiful than before, and the tourists are also full of praise.After the transformation of xinglong Lake real shot Tianfu New Area most of these supporting facilities have been presented, the speed of construction is obvious to all.Therefore, many people say that Tianfu New Area is real estate first based on the impression that they went to Tianfu New Area once or twice a few years ago. I do not agree with that. It is true that there are more houses built in Tianfu New Area than in the main city, but various supporting facilities are also being built and developed at the same time.Moreover, Tianfu New Area has another advantage — the area is basically vacant land for development, unlike the demolition and reconstruction of the main city.The tianfu New Area has virtually no relocation costs, which is why many developers are willing to build projects in the area.3. Hot plates can close their eyes, and some plates do need to be cautious.Although I think chengdu to the south, Tianfu New Area will not cool, but it is not to let you brainless buy, think that as long as it is Tianfu New Area can be assured to buy.Like Jinjiang Ecological belt, Luhu Plate, Tianfu Central Business District and other popular plates, the supporting facilities have been nearly perfect, if there is a suitable project for you can get on the bus as soon as possible.But tianfu New Area does have pitfalls: Look south to distinguish chengdu Tianfu New Area from Meishan Tianfu New Area.Many new young people in Chengdu will be easily advocated by intermediaries to buy high, Huanglongxi, etc. It is necessary to remind that these two areas belong to Meishan, not chengdu.When you tell relatives jubilantly that you have bought a house in Chengdu, they do not know that what they have bought is a fake Chengdu.In 2018, the property market was heated, and the unit price of the new house was once as high as 178,000. However, when we stepped on the plate recently, the number of second-hand houses in the region was amazing. The house owners had bought for 1.6 million yuan, but now they can not sell for 1.2 million yuan.The housing price of Tianfu New Area is not low.At the beginning, most people rushed to buy the original intention of Tianfu New Area, because the housing price of Tianfu New Area was not high at that time.In the past, tianfu New Area also has a lot of low price plates such as Helen Tianlu, Evergrande Tianfu Peninsula, Sunshine City Future Yue, Tiantou Dongxin Yuan and so on, attracting just demand.But with a number of just plate sold out, tianfu New Area these two years of new house supply mainly to high-end improvement, high-end flat layer, overlapping emerge in endlessly, hardcover unit price 30,000 + everywhere.After the new house began to limit the price, the average price of water sales in tianfu New Area is mostly above 17,000 / square meters.Therefore, nowadays, it is not easy to find cheap dishes in Tianfu New Area.On this basis, some people say that now tianfu New Area 5 million + buy house, the future is not easy to find someone to take over……Juan just want to advise a sentence – do not forget “housing is not fried”.Finally, Juan suggested that the direction of urban development, avoid by all means.If you want to buy tianfu New Area for your own residence, you can buy it boldly and don’t regret it 10 years later.It is as if 10 years ago, no one would have guessed that the City would be in its current glory.So do you think chengdu to the south or not the general trend, tianfu New Area will cool?Welcome to discuss in the comments section