Third grade Chinese volume 3 lesson “lotus” classroom notes, combing knowledge points in detail

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Welcome to follow me, I am a primary school teacher, freelance writer, love reading and music.Learning objectives: 1. Can recognize 5 new characters and write 11 new characters.Master the polyphonic word “kanai”.2. Read the text aloud with emotion, recite the 2-4 paragraphs and accumulate beautiful sentences.3. Understand the content of the text, feel the beauty of lotus, stimulate the feelings of loving nature.4. Experience the author’s rich imagination and learn how to read and imagine pictures while reading.Important words in this lesson: petal, lotus, fullness, rupture, posture, as if, with, dance, get close to squeeze, dance lightlyFragrance — fragrance, hurry — hurry up, as if — as if, broken — broken, posture — posture, not only — not only, happy — happy, get to get crowded — dense layers, dancing — dancing.Suffer suffer squeeze – wide loose, early in the morning – evening, spread – close, full – dry, stop – start, happy – sad words understand: faint scent: light fragrance.Jostle jostle jostle: The lotus leaves grow thick and crowded together.Fullness: to become full and bloated.2. A crack in something that is intact;Cracking.Posture: The way the body is presented.To dance lightly: to dance briskly, and also to dance with animals.Paragraph 1: “One…Just……”It shows that lotus fragrance spreads far, paving the way for the following description.The second paragraph: “like a big green disk”, using figurative figures of speech to explain the color and shape of the lotus leaf, highlighting the characteristics of the lotus leaf is big, green and round.”Get to get to squeeze” shows the lotus leaf dense layers of appearance, reflects the vitality of lotus.”Two or three petals” describes the number of petals, “light yellow” describes the color and tenderness of the lotus, and “expanded” and “full” describes the appearance of the lotus.Paragraph 3: “This pool of lotus in front of me is regarded as a large living painting”.The picture is not only beautiful, but also alive.The artist who created “a large living painting” is great.This “painter” is nature, expressing the author’s praise for nature.Paragraph 4: “I” imagines herself as a lotus flower, and man and scene merge into one.From my imagination, we can see the beauty of lotus.This sentence shows “MY” infinite love for lotus.”White” describes the white color of lotus flowers.The word “dance” personifies a pool of lotus, vividly describing the beautiful posture of lotus in the wind.Welcome to pay attention to me, I am primary school Chinese teacher Li, introduce Chinese learning methods, discuss hot topics in education.