“The world” 3 female 3 ending, Zheng Juan biqu, Chunyan attack, Zhou Rong has become famous overnight

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The World is a period drama starring Lei Jiayin, Yin Tao, Song Jia, Huang Xiaolei, Xin Baiqing and Sarina.Adapted from liang Xiaosheng’s work of the same name, it has gained peak ratings and hot topics since its premiere.To be precise, this drama belongs to the group drama, which takes The Zhou family as the breakthrough point to tell the story of the masses of people in the vicissitudes of life.Among them, Zheng Juan, Zhou Rong, Chunyan are female, they have different experiences because of their native families and different growing environments, in their respective “experience” to accompany each other, support each other.”The world” original ending: 3 women are not the same, Zheng Juan the most poke heart, Zhou Rong but the most unexpected Zheng Juan “the world” in the role of Zheng Juan has not broadcast the first fire, mainly because Zheng Juan is played by Yin Tao, especially in the trailer, Yin Tao’s first appearance, it can be said that the United States can not square things.In the original world, Zhou Rong is the leading actress, but in the TV series, The role of Zheng Juan is particularly dramatic conflict, the topic of this person set too high, has become the most controversial female lead in film and television since the opening of 2022.Zheng Juan is a beauty, zheng Juan is also a poor person.In order to survive, Zheng Juan again “desperate”, the surface of Zheng Juan is proud, free and easy, but in fact Zheng Juan’s heart is full of pain, is a scarred woman.Encounter Tu Zhiqiang, it is Zheng Juan “experience rob” beginning, Zheng Juan of one mind can have registered permanent residence only, do not know tu Zhiqiang however when her conceal “tool person”.Until Zheng Juan luo Shibin took advantage of tu Zhiqiang ignored, Zheng Juan realized his fiance and water artesian hidden love.But, it is too late, the arrival of Luo Shibin son almost let Zheng Juan “beg for death”.However, Zhou Bingkun after zheng Juan lit up the hope of living.Zhou Bingkun, Zheng Juan loyal, 2 people finally force platoon all difficulties get certificate to marry, Zheng Juan also changed the son’s name: Zhou Nan.In the original, Luo Shibin in Zhou Nan grew up after the door to seize the son, Zheng Juan wronged cry, stepson Zhou Nan’s silence, completely angered Zhou Bingkun.He accidentally pushed Him down a flight of stairs, and he died a year later.Chow also served 15 years in prison.Zhou Nan remorse, away from home, come back again, is put in a small box hold back.Zheng Juan’s first half of life is very bitter, no biological parents, adoptive mother and early death, leaving only the son and invisible brother.Zhou Bingkun’s Zheng Juan a beam of light, but also her only tenderness.I’m stuck with my past.She was “cheated into marriage” when she was young, became a single mother when she was young, and her middle-aged husband went to prison and her son died unexpectedly.Zheng Juan’s end is really too oppressive.This role played by Huang Xiaolei in The World is the most regrettable.In fact, in the final analysis, the role of Chunyan is too perfect, will become a lot of people’s mind.Chunyan is the youngest daughter in the family. Although she comes from an ordinary family, she is also raised in a “rich” way.So spring swallows give the impression of being very atmospheric and sunny.Chunyan’s work is not decent, but she has been laughing at the plight, the pedicure work to the extreme, and finally on their own to become a decent person sitting in the office.However, Chunyan’s love is not so smooth.And Zhou Bingkun childhood friend a stick in the same bamboo stick as a stick in the same bamboo stick, below the impetus of two mothers, Chunyan lived in Zhou Home, however a strange combination of circumstances was occupied by Debao cheap.Watching the drama is not difficult to find that Chunyan said he likes Debao are able to resolve embarrassment.She accepted fate as passively as she had accepted being a pedicurist.This characteristic of Chunyan is one of the most attractive features of the character.Laugh at life in any situation, accept it and make the best of it.Debao is an inverted door, the salary is not as high as Chunyan, but also live in the house of Chunyan.But Chunyan is striving for their own progress, the small family over the better.In daily life, Chunyan is inseparable from the family, and chunyan is an excellent representative in the unit.In the original novel, Chunyan goes through several ups and downs in the workplace before finally achieving something on her own.Song Jia’s character in “The World” is by far the most infuriating. She’s a beautiful girl, but she goes through hell and high water for an old man who doesn’t deserve her, even breaking up with her family.Zhou Rong is really too sorry.If she is not single-minded by feng Huacheng infatuated, Zhou Rong will be able to achieve something early.A lot of people say that Zhou Rong is the most selfish person in the play, in fact, I personally think Zhou Rong is a “love brain”, in addition to Feng Huacheng eyes who also can not see.It’s the same with your parents, it’s the same with your daughter, it’s the same with your dog.Zhou rong’s indifference makes this character not distressed at all.However, Feng Cheng is tired after the day is good, Zhou Rong is divorced, and misunderstood by her daughter.Zhou rong “disappeared” for 12 years in search of her daughter, and was already middle-aged when she returned home again.Even with such a return, Zhou Rong is still the “white moonlight” in The heart of CAI Xiaoguang.The ups and downs of half life, Zhou Rong accepted CAI Xiaoguang finally, hand in hand with him rest of his life.Whether from the actor’s position, or from the plot development, Zhou Rong’s emotional end-result is CAI Xiaoguang.But the most surprising aspect of Zhou’s ending was her overnight fame.Zhou Rong is an ordinary teacher, but she loves writing very much.Her works are loved by many young people and have gained appreciation from many readers.In the original novel, Zhou Rong became famous overnight and became a famous writer.Her end was the most surprising.”The world”, Zheng Juan, Chunyan, Zhou Rong, 3 female 3 ending, relative to Zheng Juan’s oppression, Chunyan counterattack, Zhou Rong’s ending should be said to be the most satisfactory.When young brave chase heart love, return suddenly look back that person is in the lights dim!No matter zheng Juan or Chunyan, or it is Zhou Rong, their ending is with helpless, but it is very real existence.They were born fetters to live in faith, in the family because of birth together, in The Times to live and struggle!