The film journey to the West, made in 1927 in the Republic of China, was banned for 90 years and once lost, but now it has been recovered from abroad

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As one of the four great classics in China, Journey to the West occupies a self-evident position in the hearts of Chinese people, and its remade versions are numerous, such as The 86 edition of China’s classic Journey to the West, followed by the 78 edition of Japan’s remade Journey to the West, which was once popular in the Western world, making westerners believe that The Japanese were the first to remake journey to the West.Actually otherwise, our country as early as 1927, when the cuckoo director pansi hole is made a journey to the west of films, film when it is a rare, at that time many people did not even listen to listen to, it won’t be easy but cuckoo director, pansi hole is his ninth works, director, art design, special effects and editing all one out on his own.The actors are basically du yu’s friends and relatives, such as spider jing is his wife Yin Mingzhu.The film was initially shown in major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin, as well as in Singapore, Norway and the Philippines.The response was so overwhelming that it was shown twice a day for six days in Norway.The plot was very close to the original, but was banned for too long. Later, the film was destroyed during the Japanese war and was lost for a time.Until 2012, when the National Library of Norway was sorting out old films, it found a badly damaged roll of film in the film collection, and the Norwegian side restored it.After communication with our country, it is confirmed that this is indeed pansildong filmed in 1927, but because of serious damage, so the restored version only 60 minutes, the original is 100 minutes, now let us have a look at the world’s first journey to the West theme of the film Pansildong.When saying teacher and apprentice 4 people go to the west for sutras, Tang’s monk is hungry, do not listen to advice to want oneself to break fast, the result met with a flock of graceful, enchanting woman is playing ball.This group of women are the spiders in the cave, seeing the Tang Priest after breaking the fast invited him into the cave, the Tang Priest saw these women do not look like a good man ah, politely refused to run away.The result was forcibly taken into the pansili hole by this group of monsters, tang’s monk inside the hole dare not move, the spider spirit is in that ask, the elder is where people, want to do what, whether marriage, at the beginning of the Tang’s monk do not want to talk, the rest of the goblins will be right tang’s monk began to pull pull pull.Tang’s monk then say: I am the great Tang dynasty emperor’s son send to the west to fetch sutras person, pass through your belly hunger want to change some fast meal, spider spirit see this and say: good good, younger sisters, I accompany elders here, you get some food to come over.On the other side, a goblin was doing magic in the kitchen, having a good time, when the goblin ran and said, we have caught a monk, you quickly get some food.Picture! The fairy spider took out the flint and began to bang and bang. The fairy also sharpened the knife on the chopping board.On the other side, the teacher brothers three people found the master so long did not return, feel wrong, Sun Wukong use fire eyes golden eye a look, don’t feel good, to eight quit and sand monk said: not good, the master of the place of a demon, the master encountered the demon.Eight quit after listening to rang rang way over there: we are quick to save the teacher.Wukong said you this pig don’t worry, take an old sun to inquire inquire news.Sun Wukong left after eight quit lay prone on the sand monk’s legs in a mewling cry, seems to be lamenting master to die.On the other side, the goblins had already prepared the food and brought it to Tang Priest. The other goblins began to make a noise. The elder quickly saw if you were satisfied with the food.A group of female goblins let Tang’s monk try, Tang’s monk complained bitterly, repeatedly say: all bodhisattvas, I really dare not eat, it is better to let me out.On the other side, pig eight quit to see the monkey went for a long time did not return, then a single person came to the pan silk hole, shouted: the demon quick return my master.Female demon smell sound one see, be a stupid pig, then say to eight quit: your master is our hole inside rest well, have to eat have to drink, don’t believe you come in look, say that finish not by cent say of will eight quit to pull into the hole inside.On the other side, the rest of the female goblin has woven a huge net, waiting for eight quit, such as eight quit by beauty lure to the depths of the cave, found cheated too late, all the goblins, with the web will be trapped up eight quit, he dragged to the kitchen to prepare cooking.Picture: Spider spirit eight jie was tied up, on the other side of the Tang Priest is playing very happy, I saw the female goblins around him, to his hands, but the Tang Priest has not been moved, spider spirit saw this and then hard bow to the overlord, asked people to bring the ecstasy wine.Then spider jing to tang’s monk said: this is a flat peach banquet ambrosia, the elders come drink one cup, tang’s monk does not, so to push each other around two people, the result will be torn down to the ground, see this wine be born into the bath fire up, tang’s monk also know that this is the counsel of the demon, more don’t eat the hard and soft.On the other side, the monkey also came to pansili cave, saw him legally live a goblin, and then changed into her appearance, swagger into the kitchen, will be eight quit to put out.Who knows eight quit a look think is beautiful demon to fall in love with me, the color squints to want to start to the monkey, two people begin to chase me around the table to get up, is two people you nong I nong, eight quit the monkey in the arms with pig head disorderly chew when.Graph! Sun Wukong and pig eight quit see monkey turn into prototype, evil evil spirit is opposite eight quit say: idiot, you see me carefully who, eight quit fixed eyeball see a see female demon change monkey, immediately frighten jump, a pushed away monkey, big scold way go to you, the monkey is smile straight not to have a waist.Monkey and eight quit here to play happy, on the other side, spider spirit also found the demon was fixed, I saw her casting will two people fixed state lifted, also got the monkey into the hole from the mouth of two fairies.Two spider fairies may be too tired to fight when the clothes is a burden, take off the clothes, show some welfare, picked up two swords on the menacing way to find the monkey.On the other side, the monkey with eight quit lost the way in the hole, around around before long and the demon met, I saw a demon holding a paper sledgehammer and monkey dozen have come and go, and two spider spirit also and eight quit dozen you come and I go.Graph! Pig eight quit and spider essence fight but not for a while eight quit not line, see a spider essence bully before the body, a sword will eight quit pig head to cut down, then two goblins to eight quit pig head play very happy, throw over throw, see them play much happy ah.In the female goblin will pig head to throw to throw, the monkey has been the paper hammer of the goblin to solve, he suddenly came out from behind the goblin, pig head to rob over, threw to the eight quit.But eight quit pig head to install reverse, on the ground not to come, and here monkey has and two female goblins dozen up, but double fist difficult enemy four hands, soon be knocked down on the ground, right now eight quit still on the ground make pig head, not to come.The goblins clapped their hands over their mouths and laughed as they left, closing the hole with a web before they left.Subsequently the spider essence is preparing to marry with tang’s monk, see numerous little demon in singing and dancing, the spider refined changed makeup, little demon also uses a huge knife to shave tang’s monk again, the likelihood is to want to shave a few brighter.On the wedding day, Tang Priest was forced to worship heaven and earth with the spider spirit by all the fairies, and then the fairies began to dance. On the other side, the three brothers were together sighing.Eight quit asked monkey master how to do, saw the monkey directly shook his head, and even began to cry.Just then, Guanyin came in the form of a woman and said to the monkey: Samadhi fire can subdue the demon.The three brothers immediately decided to go to the pan Silk cave to rescue the master.At this time of tang’s monk has been spider essence dragged to the bed to prepare the bridal chamber, just as spider essence took off clothes, video is about to enter the VIP stage, I saw the hateful monkey actually arrived at the key time, casting spider essence showed its true form.Then the teacher brothers three people began to make a big wedding scene, and the many goblins launched a fight, see then the spider essence and made up a large net, ready to tie up the monkey three people, the key monkey use sanmei zhenhuo, not for a moment to burn the web clean.Not only that, the fire also spread, the whole Pansilcave to cover, there was a fire spider, and finally the whole Pansilcave was burned to ruins, all the goblins also turned to ashes, the master and his four people again set foot on the road to the west.The pansili cave shot by Director Du Yu took 100 minutes, but due to too much damage, the restored version only took 60 minutes.The beginning of the most wonderful part is also lost, such as spider essence water bath, Sun Wukong changed into an eagle diao clothes, pig eight jie into a catfish in the underwater look, these are all lost.I’m sure a lot of people can’t watch it today, but it was groundbreaking for its time.What’s more, it is not difficult to find that many contents in the film reflect the social environment at that time and the psychology in need of reform.For example, spider spirit wears Peking Opera clothes, swimsuits and pajamas, and masturbates cats. Moreover, the image of spider Spirit in this drama is a new woman who pursues love freely.It was 1927, and feudal ideas were deeply rooted in the eyes of some people. The film was able to jump out of feudal ideas and bring a different atmosphere, which was an epoch-making change.And there is one thing that proves that this is a film and television show that is a major revolution for women.At that time, the leading role of Yin Mingzhu, her grandfather was a scholar, her father was a scholar, her mother was also born in a family of juren.It can be said that a family is scholarly, this kind of family style is extremely strict.And YanMingZhu can jump out from such an environment, there is even a “naked” this kind of large scale, while people don’t understand, but in our view, these are the pediatrician, we see the age women of vigor, enterprising, this is the combination of Chinese and western thought, is a progress of The Times.The spider Jingpan Silk Cave played by Yin Mingzhu represents not only a film, but also the cultural memory of a generation, as well as a bright pearl left over from China.This article is over, thank you for watching the picture source network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete