Taste the double card | mugwort BaBa and homesickness

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Ai leaves, asteraceae, artemisia plants, perennial herbs or slightly into half a shrub, the plant has a strong aroma, also known as Qiai, Qiai, fathers call it wormwood, used to feed pigs.”Tang Materia Medica” contains: Artemisia argyi is spicy, bitter and warm, and has the effect of warming the meridian to stop bleeding, dissipating cold and relieving pain, regulating qi and calming the pregnancy.Every spring, when all things recover, wormwood in the spring rain under the moist, scrambling to protruding from the fields and fields in the dirt.Before and after the Qingming festival when the water is tender, from afar, the wet mugwort eyes, like a girl just out of the bath, pinch, through a nose of fragrance, this is the best time to pick.Mugwort baba is a very common food in my hometown.I often think of the mugwort baba made by my mother. The taste is memorable. When you take a bite, it is sweet and soft.In fact, the process of making Mugwort baba is simple.Will pick back ai Ye Qing soak a day after washing hurriedly, 4, water, and then twist dry, chopped sprinkle sugar, pour into delicious and japonica half rice flour, add water to hold good measure, and it is too hard the way less, more do not forming is too thin, after being repeated kneading evenly, then rub into a slightly larger than the egg dumplings, can pan.There are many ways to make Baba, which can be steamed with straw at the bottom, pressed into small cakes and fried into brown on both sides, or cut lump with sharp knife and fried in hot oil…No matter how it’s done, it doesn’t take long for the pot to erupt in bursts across the kitchen and into the heart.Perhaps what we are thinking about is not the food itself, but the mountains in our childhood and the nostalgia we will never forget.It was qingming festival again. I still decided to go home. I probably missed my mother and the mugwort baba she made.Alas, I almost forgot that if a dozen mugwort baba fried until brown on both sides is processed and boiled again with honey, the unique “awkward” taste of Mugwort baba combines with the sweetness of honey, which is definitely a happiness only the tongue can enjoy.