Quanzhou World Heritage Protection and Management Measures announced July 25 as “Quanzhou World Heritage Day”

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Quanzhou network – on January 26 (reporter Cai Zimin) yesterday, reporters from quanzhou world heritage protection management implementation opinions to stable cross training activities, laws and regulations and the “China’s world trade center ocean” quanzhou: the song world heritage protection measures for the administration (hereinafter referred to as the “method”) to the public, and will come into force as of February 1.Based on to protect the cultural treasure of the Chinese nation and the common wealth of mankind, supported by heritage integrity protection concepts, “method” around the world heritage protection and inheritance of quanzhou and live condition, improve the long-term mechanism, promote the inheritance and sustainable development of the historical context, to create a world model for urban heritage protection and utilization to provide legal support.In view of the cross-regional and cross-departmental characteristics of quanzhou heritage, the Measures stipulates that the municipal and county governments should establish a comprehensive coordination mechanism for quanzhou World heritage protection to coordinate and solve major issues and issues among counties, cities and counties, and departments at the same level in heritage protection and utilization.In addition, the world heritage consulting expert database has been set up, and an expert consulting system has been established for key management decisions, construction projects and related activities of Quanzhou World Heritage protection.Public participation and co-governance and sharing are the development trend of contemporary world heritage protection and also the important content of international conventions.According to the measures, the living environment and public supporting facilities around heritage sites should be improved continuously to improve residents’ living and working conditions.In order to deepen research on the value of heritage, the Measures encourage the collection and sorting of historical documents and special investigations through cooperation, research projects and government purchase of services, strengthen foreign exchanges and cooperation, and give play to the role of heritage as a cultural symbol.At the same time, formulate quanzhou World Heritage campus education inheritance plan, heritage protection knowledge into the school related education content.Quanzhou World Heritage Day is set on July 25 every year to mobilize the whole society to participate in, pay attention to and protect heritage and enhance the awareness of heritage protection in the whole society.