Putian is the first enterprise in China to achieve large-scale production of heterojunction solar cells

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Fujian Juneng Electric Power Co., LTD., located in Binhai Industrial New Area, Hanjiang District, fujian Juneng Electric Power Co., LTD., employees are concentrating on operating the equipment in the HDT high-efficiency solar cell production workshop.Four production lines operate around the clock, and 100,000 silver paste cells are produced here every day, which is the first large-scale production of heterojunction solar cells in China.The company is the only one in China with silver grid and copper grid double technology company, its research and development of heterojunction high efficiency solar cell technology, power generation capacity is higher than the same ordinary single crystal photovoltaic module, the product has been adopted by many power groups and exported to overseas.The spread of such cost-effective technologies also provides the technical guarantee for achieving the “dual carbon” goal.Every step on the production line is controlled by computer.Technical personnel introduction, the company attaches importance to technology research and development, core equipment has independent intellectual property rights, manufacturing process has obtained a number of patents, can achieve large-scale stable production.Xue Junming, technical director of HDT High Efficiency Solar cell project, introduced that a few months ago, the battery made by JUneng Power Technology r&d Department on the mass production line was tested and certified by TUV North Germany, and the highest conversion efficiency reached 25.31%, which set a new record for the conversion efficiency of mass production heterogeneous junction battery.”The battery conversion efficiency of this production line has reached a new high, thanks to the stable equipment and continuous process improvement.”Xue Junming said that the biggest resistance to the industrialization of heterojunction battery is its “high” cost, low temperature silver paste cost is high, accounting for about 18% of the cost of conventional heterojunction battery, the use of low silver consumption technology, and the cost will be reduced to half of the original.”Improvements in silver grid technology are not the end.”On the road of heterogeneous junction battery industrialization, Juneng Power has been struggling with itself.Zhang Maobin, the company’s general manager, said there is still a lot of room to improve the conversion efficiency of mass-produced batteries, and replacing silver grid technology with copper grid technology will be a new way to reduce costs, and the two are similar in terms of performance.In the next step, the company will continue to work hard on “improving efficiency and reducing cost”, continuously improve battery conversion efficiency and reduce terminal cost, and make a contribution to green development with high-quality solar cell products and services.Putian Overseas Chinese hometown times new media center issued source: Meizhou Daily editor: Wu Qinqin editor: Zheng Yujun