Linze County court opened up financial cases related to the “green channel” implementation of remarkable results

2022-07-30 0 By

Gansu Zhangye Net Linze Xun financial bad asset cases since the implementation of special work, The Court of Linze County for financial enforcement cases to open up a “green channel”, do priority filing, priority execution and priority issuance of execution funds, so far a total of 12.6922 million yuan in place, achieved significant implementation results.Priority filing.The filing window will file and transfer the finance-related execution cases that meet the filing conditions on the same day, and transfer the cases that need further examination and verification within three days to the executive Board. The “green Channel” will be handled in one window, which smoothen the acceptance channel of finance-related execution cases and realize the “fast establishment” of cases.From January to February this year, linze County courts accepted 193 financial enforcement cases, accounting for 34.77% of the new enforcement cases this year.Priority execution.The implementation of the collection work carries out case-by-case policies and the implementation of “case-by-case policies”. The comprehensive use of inspection, seizure, freezing, loss, height limit, detention and other compulsory measures, digging out the execution of the collection clues, multi-directional inspection and control of property information, and continuously maintain the high pressure of the execution.Adhering to the concept of good faith and civilized execution, while cracking down on negative execution and resistance of the people subjected to execution of financial cases, we conscientiously do a good job of interpretation and emotional counseling, and urge the people subjected to execution to actively fulfill repayment obligations.The execution team closely cooperated with the financial institutions and shared information. Under the auspices of the execution judge, the optimal execution plan of the case was reached through consultation for the persons subject to execution who were detained in court, so as to effectively improve the efficiency of the execution and collection of non-performing loans.Priority is given to execution.The working mode of “same-day receipt, same-day distribution, same-day statistics, and daily preparation” was adopted to press the “acceleration button” for the payment of financial execution cases.Giving full play to the role of “one case and one account”, the case number, case paragraph, subject or payer have realized one-to-one correspondence, thoroughly clarifying the source of case sum from the source.Arrange special personnel to publicize the case payment issued on the same day in the wechat working group every day, and directly transfer the case payment to the applicant’s account through online banking payment method, cancel the intermediate link, improve the efficiency of case payment, and realize the work target of payment on the day of receipt of financial cases.(Yao Rui)