CAI Dian Teng Fang yuan: working monthly income of six or seven thousand days very good

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Teng Fangyuan made dumplings and prepared to have a happy New Year.In 2021, I was working as a driver at a construction enterprise site in Shanwei city, Guangdong Province, earning 6,000 to 7,000 yuan a month.Before the Spring Festival, I carpooled back with my friends on January 21.These days, the family is busy preparing the Spring Festival goods, prepared a lot of chicken, duck and fish, but also made several big bags of dumplings.This time, I plan to stay at home for a long time. After the Spring Festival, I will spend a month to decorate the new house behind the house.Before bridal chamber already land land off and on was decorated, floor tile was spread, door also installed, still poor condole top, brush the working procedure such as a wall now.I designed the whole house myself. It has five bedrooms, one downstairs and four upstairs. It’s big enough for the whole family.My youngest daughter is now in grade six, and my eldest daughter is now in grade two. I think my eldest daughter is also growing up, and I want to make friends in the future. The old house I live in now is a little shabby, and Chinese people care about saving face.My eldest daughter’s grades are ok and I don’t worry about them. I just want her to graduate and I want to make our home a better place.Last year, the village installed sewage pipes, is the “rural revitalization project”, the road in front of the new house was dug again, this year I originally wanted to make the road at the door of the new house cement hardening, listen to the village, this May to give natural gas, I am waiting for the natural gas and then the road in front of the new house.Now my life is stable, I work outside, although tired, but a fixed income, every year to bring money back to festivals, this is the most solid.Wife at home to do some odd jobs for others, live a safe life is good.Thank you very much for so many years of government and social care for my family, let us out of poverty, the day is getting better.Reporter’s Notes & GT;>>At 3 PM on January 27, changjiang Daily reporter came to Teng Fangyuan’s home, he was red, smiling, quite energetic.In 2019, Teng fangyuan went to Guangdong to work with his cousin. This Spring Festival, Teng fangyuan said that the most important thing for him is to decorate the new house behind the house, so that his family can have a better living environment.If you have a dream, you will have the power to move forward.