A wedding gift shocked the ruling and opposition parties

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“First Jiao” Working status: 2.2 million words (finished version) Introduction: a wedding gift, shocked the government and opposition.Pingyang Hou Mansion high powerful young lady out of the closet!Poor bridegroom, gentle as jade handsome boundless, a fine flower covered with cow dung.Hello, you’re a little crazy!Hostess: What’s crazy?His name is king!After reading with emotion: the hostess is the man in the eyes of outsiders all the time, once get married, return to the original gender.This man is seen by others as a victim of an illness, when in fact he is very ill and will soon die.Who would have thought that the female leader Su Qing was proficient in medical skills and cured his disease.What surprised the man most was that the woman was still his little green plum.As a special forces soldier, the female leader had a few brushes, and she was proficient in Chinese medicine, the equivalent of a golden finger.The female leader had been dressing as a general for several years, so she was even more aggressive.Male is a beautiful man with a delicate body and a soft body, although the role of Gangyi Soft is a bit reversed, but it is a perfect match.Mai Bei mall – authentic products at low prices, express delivery timely, a comprehensive online shopping mall to buy and sell babies