Will the title of “village head” be abolished?Rural usher in 3 “new leadership”, what good is there?

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Wen: Jiuli now rural appearance compared with the past can be said to have undergone earth-shaking changes.Before, when talking about the countryside, many people would think of the word “dirty, messy and bad”.Nowadays, with the rapid development of the national economy, not only the cities are getting better and better, but also the countryside is “developing” in a similar way.Tarmac roads lead directly to all parts of the country, infrastructure is becoming more and more perfect, and the happiness of rural people’s life is constantly improving.According to the Report on China’s Rural Development (2021) — Agricultural and rural Modernization toward 2035, China is expected to basically realize agricultural and rural modernization characterized by “strong agriculture, beautiful countryside and rich farmers” by 2035.In the development and management of rural areas, village cadres have played an important role.Village cadres should not only help farmers solve various problems, but also coordinate the relationship between neighbors.More importantly, it should assist national and local governments to better promote rural economic development.If there is a responsible leader in the countryside, the villagers will soon shake off poverty and become rich.If the village cadres do not perform their duties and seek benefits for the villagers, they will not only fail to improve the economy, but also infringe on the basic rights and interests of the villagers.We should know that grassroots cadres are playing an important role in the construction of the new countryside.They are organizers of future rural economic construction and practitioners of future rural agricultural development.Therefore, the quality of village cadres is particularly important.National policy again good, also need village cadre carry out.However, in the rural areas of our country, the villagers’ self-governance system is implemented, and the village cadres are elected by the villagers.In most rural areas, some village officials often face social problems such as backward concept, lack of responsibility, gathering evil and involving gangsters.In view of the problems exposed by rural cadres in Our country, our country has improved laws and regulations to severely crack down on this kind of rural misconduct.In addition, the Internet has been circulating the cancellation of rural “village officials” and “village chief” news, the rural cancellation of village officials and village chief is not the rural cancellation of village officials and village chief these grassroots village cadres, but the cancellation of “village officials” and “village chief” these two titles.Central policy document clearly proposed to cancel the title of village head!In the countryside, they are collectively called “village cadres”.In fact, the reform of village cadres has been going on.Although the position of the village head is not high, it must have a special meaning because it has existed until now.Village chief in the village construction and development of the role can not be ignored, it is because of the participation of these grass-roots cadres, to achieve today’s so beautiful village.In particular, with the country’s vigorous reform, the countryside has ushered in three “new leaders”.Under the leadership of the new leadership, rural development will get better and better, and the life of farmers will become more and more prosperous.In order to effectively promote the development of poverty alleviation and do practical things for farmers, the state appoints first Secretaries to villages in some poverty-stricken areas.Generally, the first rural secretary is preferentially chosen from among retired senior leaders.On the one hand, these senior leaders have prestige, and on the other hand, they have rich management experience and enough prestige and ability to deal with what happens in the countryside.At the same time, the first Secretary is also responsible for coordinating and guiding the “two committees” of the village, clarifying development ideas, accelerating industrial restructuring, and helping farmers increase their income and get rid of poverty.Agricultural entrepreneurs Some agricultural entrepreneurs have played a very important role in achieving better economic development in rural areas.Although these entrepreneurs are not necessarily rich, they are basically self-made, approachable, and have many methods and strategies for their own business success.If they lead the villagers, there are many practical ways to boost the rural economy.This will also lay a solid foundation for rural development.College students village officials for this leader, I believe that we are no strangers.In the past two years, as the country is now vigorously developing rural areas, rural areas also ushered in a number of college students village officials.They generally graduated from key universities, have a high level of knowledge, with their own passionate and professional management knowledge to win the praise and love of farmers, for the development of rural economy and farmers have made outstanding contributions to the happy life.At present, rural leading group is generally aged slant big, thought is more backward.And young college students can bring young ideas to the countryside, inject fresh blood, and apply the professional knowledge they have learned to agricultural practice, which is also the need and trend of the development of rural agriculture in the future.In fact, more and more college students have returned to their hometown and made a contribution to their hometown with their knowledge.”College students village official” gradually become the majority of farmers familiar words, I believe that under their leadership, the life of rural friends will be better and better, rural construction will be better and better.Now the momentum of rural development is getting better and better, and there are more and more college graduates as village officials, and rural hukou is more and more “valuable”.It seems that people are no longer going blindly to big cities as before, but returning to rural development.In recent years, relevant departments have also promoted rural economic development from various aspects.Not only are there a lot of subsidies, but a lot of benefits are distributed directly.Both planting subsidies and agricultural machinery subsidies have brought great benefits to farmers.As the country pays more and more attention to rural areas, the development of rural areas is getting faster and faster, but compared with cities, rural construction is still very backward, especially in some areas of the countryside is still very dilapidated, the economic level is still in the previous era.Changing the status quo requires leaders as well as policies.In general, whether the rural areas continue to use the original “village head” system or use the three “new successors”, they all have a common purpose, that is to help the rural areas to develop better.