Which cats are more loyal?Did your cat make the list?

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Some say cats are treacherous ministers and dogs loyal.Although this sentence is partial, it is not without foundation.Because cats have a reputation for running away easily and rarely coming back, they are not as loyal to their owners as dogs.However, different kinds of cats have different loyalty to their owners. Today, veterinarian Xiao Ming will tell you about it.Civet cat loyalty: 1 star is called “little tiger” civet cat, why is arranged as loyalty is very low cat?First of all, although the cat is brave and good at war, the ability of all aspects are very strong, but it is also because of its personality is too independent, so it does not need to rely on the owner, they can survive in the wild.And on the road so many stray cats, they are mostly their own run away from home, is not abandoned by the owner.So a lot of people who keep cats will find that keeping cats is lost.Orange cat loyalty: 2 stars, speaking of big orange on the list of reasons is also very realistic, it loves to eat.It was not that he had any prejudice against his master that made him seem unfaithful, but that he could not keep his mouth shut.We saw that when we met the stray orange cat on the road, as long as you give it a bite of food, it will follow you home.A pure iron foodie.Orange Cat’s home is where he can eat.Loyalty: the intelligence quotient of the 4 star cat is relatively high, and they are easier to be tamed by their owners, and it is easy to communicate with the master.They are also more tolerant of their owners and don’t hold grudges like other cats.As long as they think you’re their master, they’ll stay with you.Maine coon loyalty: 5 stars Maine Coon cats first work in the farm, they are responsible for helping the owner to guard the farm, hard work, not only excellent work ability, and have absolute loyalty.Maine coon cats are also tame and easy to train, so if you’re looking for a cat that’s capable and loyal, it’s the Maine Coon, but it has the disadvantage of being expensive.Muppet loyalty: 5 stars Muppet cats have one of the best personalities in the cat world.They are very clingy, and basically you raise them, so you are all of them.That’s why muppet cats are so expensive and still so popular, because they’re not only pretty, but they’re also full of you.Siamese cat loyalty: 5 stars Siamese cat loyalty: 5 stars Siamese cat loyalty: 5 stars Siamese cat loyaltyConfirm the eyes, your right person, as long as the Siamese cat look for you, then this life is bound to you never abandon.Of course, the above ranking is only an analysis of cats’ personalities by Veterinarian Xiao Ming, but it is not absolute, as long as you treat your cats well enough.If you kick and punch your cat all day long, the cat will be disappointed in you, even if it recognizes you.What we have to do is to do our best to cherish the cat, do not give up do not abandon, the next thing to the cat.Pictures from the Internet, if you have any questions, please contact veterinarian Xiao Ming.If you have pet health and pet raising problems, follow veterinarian Xiao Ming for advice.