The end of the year is coming!Migrant workers are homesick, but people from “these places” may not be able to go back

2022-07-29 0 By

Now the end of the New Year is approaching, there are many migrant workers outside, also homesick, waiting for the Spring Festival holiday, can go back to their hometown and family reunion, after all, the Spring Festival is a day for family reunion.However, the situation this year is special, as the epidemic has not completely subsided in some parts of China, so it may be difficult for people from “these places”, such as Shaanxi, Henan, Beijing, Guangdong and other places to return.”These places” may be difficult to go back to the Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, one of the most important, all the people in working, can choose to return to their hometown during the Spring Festival, it is a lot of people even only once a year can be reunited with loved ones, and this is why, every year in our country of Spring Festival transportation.However, as the New Year approaches, many people still face difficulties in returning home, even if they are homesick, they may not be able to return home. The root cause of this phenomenon is the COVID-19 pandemic.As early as 2020, China has recommended “local Spring Festival”, after all, the country was still very serious epidemic at that time.This year, the epidemic has rebounded again in many regions of China and has not subsided completely yet. The epidemic prevention policies adopted by local governments are very strict, so it is not easy for migrant workers to return home.At present, Shaanxi is the most concerned region in China, and the epidemic situation there is relatively the most severe in China. Therefore, the local government has announced a comprehensive lockdown policy, and it is undoubtedly very dangerous to return to Shaanxi at this time.And the local epidemic prevention is at a critical moment, at this time to return to the local epidemic prevention work to add more pressure.Under such circumstances, it is recommended that people in Shaanxi stay in their local areas as far as possible and do not return to their hometown at such a critical moment.At present, the local epidemic prevention work is still relatively good, and the situation is further stable. When the local epidemic is thoroughly controlled, the epidemic prevention work will naturally relax, and then people will choose the time to go home and reunite with their loved ones.Of course, not only Shaanxi, but also Henan, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other regions have also seen the outbreak of COVID-19, and local governments have also adopted corresponding prevention and control measures. Therefore, people working outside these regions should pay more attention to the prevention and control regulations of their hometown, so as not to cause trouble to their hometown.In the case of non-essential, it is best to stay in the local New Year, which for their life safety, but also a very important guarantee.Quarantine regulations may vary from place to place, or people may be allowed to return home. In this case, certain preparations must be made, such as nucleic acid test certificate and three-dose vaccination certificate.If so, people must also have these documents ready for inspection by quarantine personnel.Another is to do a good job of isolation, 21 days of isolation is very necessary, it is a responsible performance for themselves and others.After all, when people go in and out of public places such as stations and airports, they will come into contact with many people, which is a relatively dangerous situation.It is worth reminding that as long as people go to various public places, it is better to wear masks, and this needs to be paid attention to in the process of returning home.Prepare some disinfectant, hand wash, etc., is also advocated, so as to further ensure the safety of people.For people from low-risk to low-risk areas, basic protection is basically no problem, and it is perfectly ok to return home for the Spring Festival.In short, it is to follow the corresponding quarantine policy.