The Life of Cangyang Gyatso:

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The life of Cangyang Gyatso is an elusive mystery, an immortal legend.This mysterious man is so familiar to us, but so strange, strange to us only know this name, only know that he is a poet, he is a monk, but wrote all the love and love of the common world, his love poems like the pearl of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, lit up the hearts of countless men and women.His legend, his story, let people fascinated: one day, I closed my eyes in the temple incense mist, suddenly heard, you recite the truth;That month, I shook all the tubes, not for salvation, but to touch your fingertips;That year, I bowed my head and crawled on the mountain road, not to make presentation, but only to be close to your warmth;That life, turn mountain turn water turn pagoda, not to repair the afterlife, only to meet with you on the way;That night, I listened to brahman singing all night, not for enlightenment, just to find a breath of you;That January, I turned all the tubes, not to cross over, just to touch your fingerprints;That year, I kowtowed long embrace dust, not for the Buddha, only to stick to your warmth;That life, I turned over hundreds of thousands of mountains, not to repair the afterlife, only to meet with you on the road;That moment, I soar into immortality, not for life, only to bless your peace and joy!Cangyang Jiacuo grew up in the mountains of southern Tibet, yearning for freedom and love, he is delicate and gentle, is the prodigal son of Lhasa street, is the British youth under the snowy sky!Ordinary, refined, life of freedom and belief, in his body to write incisively and vividly, his life is quiet, the pursuit of the heart of the coolest shore, is the legend of time cast, is the legend of snow immortal!After reading this article, you have read his poems, welcome to comment, say the most beautiful poems and feelings in your heart!– BEYOND Sea and Sky — 2022/2/2