Rizhao High-tech Zone special renovation and protection of groundwater resources

2022-07-29 0 By

Reporter Song Yushan reported recently, Rizhao High-tech Zone organized to carry out underground water management special rectification action, aimed at severely cracking down on illegal groundwater behavior, enhance the whole society cherish water love water to protect the consciousness of underground fresh water resources, protect water resources.It is reported that the action by the district emergency management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau, the district social affairs Bureau selected backbone personnel to form a special rectification action inspection team, around the Multifunction River Basin water environment comprehensive governance headquarters office push clues, focusing on investigating and punishing enterprises illegally taking groundwater behavior.On the spot, law enforcement personnel according to water demand, drainage quantity, water fee records and other details, carefully check the water supply pipe network and water source, strictly check the private access to steal.Law enforcement personnel adhere to the principle of equal emphasis on punishment and education, every place to actively carry out publicity and education, detailed explanation of laws and regulations, relevant enterprises have said that they will strictly abide by the law to protect underground fresh water resources, with practical actions to practice the requirements of green water, practice corporate social responsibility.Up to now, 13 enterprises have been inspected, 2 abandoned Wells have been blocked, and 1 case of illegal underground water has been investigated.