People!Give your bowels a bath!Welcome health and happiness!For everyone

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Blink of an eye is the sixth day, after this day, we should gradually return to normal life from the festive atmosphere of the New Year.On the sixth day, some people choose to do thorough cleaning at home. In addition to cleaning the house, don’t forget to give your intestines a “bath”!Eat like this after the festival, the most clear bowel
The gut is one of the greasiest and dirtiest organs of the holiday season, and it can be overwhelmed by a high-protein diet full of big fish and meat.You know, we have a lot of folds in the gut, and if you completely smooth out the mucosa in the gut, it’s about 400 square meters.This structure, while convenient for absorbing nutrients, tends to allow “dirt” to accumulate in the gut.So, give yourself clear bowel after the festival, more healthy!Of course, the sausage here is not to let everyone starve or drink some messy products and so on, but let you – change the dish!01
Change into a bowl of rice
It’s hard to control the type and amount of food you eat during the holidays, and you’ll eat a lot of high-fat, high-protein foods.After the festival, may wish to change the staple food for a change, such as corn, oats and other coarse grains or yams, sweet potato and other potatoes, these foods are rich in dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis.02
Add vegetables
After the holiday binge, I can now eat only one meat dish per meal, with one egg or soy product, and other vegetables.No more than two dishes are stir-fried, and the other dishes are steamed, boiled, stewed and tossed as far as possible.03
Adjust the time of meals
Not only is overeating common during the holidays, but eating habits are completely disrupted as meals are difficult to follow on time.So now it’s a priority to move meals back!It is recommended that you eat every meal at a regular time, with a ratio of 3:4:3 for each meal.If you are hungry in the middle of the day, eat some nuts or have a cup of yogurt around 10:30 a.m. or 3:30 p.m., which can both ease hunger and avoid overeating.04
Eat fresh fruits and vegetables
Many people will have sores on their mouths, bleeding gums and blistering corners of their mouths after the New Year.The body is “angry”.Put away those holiday chips, popcorn, and candy bars.Eat more fruits and vegetables, you will feel better!If there is such “heat” symptoms, need to find out the cause of timely adjustment.Don’t use these “bowel cleansers.
A lot of people think to want to defecate when they hear clear bowel, this is really big mistake!Although clearing bowel is defecation in essence, defecation is a gradual process, emphasizing “first come, second come”, early metabolism, long accumulated waste will be discharged first.As long as you can defecate normally every day, you only need to adjust your diet and exercise moderately after the holiday. It is not recommended to “clear your bowels” by dieting, drinking lots of water or taking drugs.Otherwise, can give originally exhausted intestines and stomach increases bigger burden.For example, the following two methods are not advisable ↓01
Drinking too much water in a short time
A lot of water for a short time does have the effect of flushing the intestine, but in this process blood concentration will be continuously diluted, the oxygen exchange of cells throughout the body will be limited, brain cells once hypoxia, brain response will be dull.02
Intestinal cleansing health care products
These products are often bitter and cold. Long-term consumption will further stimulate the intestine, reduce the peristalsis function of the intestine, aggravate constipation, cause bad breath, and lead to anemia.The most effective bowel clearing snack
After Spring Festival feasting, eat some hawthorn appropriately, have very good clearing bowel action.This is because, hawthorn contains a lot of pectin, appropriate intake can lubricate intestinal tract, alleviate constipation.Especially for the friend that has dyspepsia problem, this time should eat some hawthorn appropriately more.Because, hawthorn sex is slightly warm taste acerbity sweet, eliminate meat product lag effect is remarkable, when appearing dyspepsia and abdominal distension circumstance, eat some of hawthorn can feel very comfortable.Source: Health China editor: Zhou Yuwei shangguan number author: Songjiang, Shanghai