Jiujiang real staged “negotiation expert”, the police grabbed the knife to save the mother and daughter

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Source:Jiujiang public security on February 9, 11 PM at a residential building in GongQing city 8 layers of a mother and daughter is the most breathtaking half dangling body outside the window her mother’s hands still holding a sharp knife after jiujiang 4 hours soul-stirring policemen efforts in the end, the successful save to suicide woman and her child 11 PM industry in February 9, in the middle of the night,11 PM GongQing tea mountain city public security bureau police station received the alarm said GongQing urban residential buildings in a district 8 layers of a woman holding their own more than one year old daughter sitting by the window to jump off a building suicide village to the policemen Yang Xuetao rushing to the scene, I saw a woman sitting there is no fence windowsill a holding knives,Holding her daughter in one arm Outside the window it was a cold day and mother and daughter were in danger of falling at any moment 1:00 a.m.Woman crying with a loud voice constantly waving hands dagger policeman is not allowed and her family were at a distance near the police can only do women’s ideological work is helpless women’s simply ignore see police persuasion have almost no effect village police station mediation Yang Xuetao immediately fire rescue and first-aid center personnel at the same time, continue to patiently persuade woman “you see the child crying,I need to change my diaper. Ask your mom to help me change it, ok?”Hearing this, the woman began to cry less and Yang Took the opportunity to move forward a few steps. “You see that the child is so big, how difficult it is for you to raise her…”Yang Xuetao said while moving forward, “You don’t come over!”At this time, the woman held a dagger against her daughter Yang Xuetao in her left hand, so she had to temporarily stop.At this point, the child cries louder and louder “change diapers for the child?”Yang Xuetao diapers in hand went to the women’s side when the woman turned to look to the child Yang Xuetao seize the opportunity in ear trend came near, and took the woman hand dagger and siming embrace mother and daughter two people prevent them from falling out of the window at this time, one side of the fire rescue personnel taken advantage of the resultant force in the rescue of mother and daughter two people safety set at 3 a.m. p comfort heart very original,The woman had been quarreling with her husband for a long time, from pregnancy to raising her daughter. She was very hard, and the pressure and grievance for a long time suddenly burst out on the same day. She found a dagger at home and prepared to die with her daughter.Repeatedly admit mistakes in the police persuasion, enlighten under the woman’s mood gradually stabilized repeatedly to the police to ensure that no longer do not “hard” stupid will cherish family, cherish life left the woman’s home is more than 3 o ‘clock in the morning on February 10 police although hard,But in the advent of danger always someone regardless of personal danger review just happened all the police heart surging infinite gratify life is only once, do not give up life encounter problems, difficulties and more communication with relatives or friends must not take extreme actions to avoid tragedy!