Jing Haipeng and Qi Fabao pass the national flag during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games

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The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium on The evening of February 4.During the “Hand to hand” part of the opening ceremony, representatives from all walks of life in China and representatives from 56 ethnic groups passed the National flag, expressing the feelings and relationship between the people and the national flag by hand to hand.Among those carrying the national flag were Jing Haipeng, a top-class Astronaut who went into space three times, and Qi Fabao, a “heroic commander in charge of defending the country and guarding the border areas,” CCTV news reported on its Weibo account.Zheng Shi noted that Both Jing haipeng and Qi Fabao had previously participated in the Olympic torch relay.Jing Haipeng is the second torchbearer of the Beijing Winter Olympics torch relay at the Olympic Forest Park in Beijing on February 2.After running the second leg of the torch relay, Jing haipeng said:”Just over 100 meters short, I feel that the torch relay is faster, higher and stronger. It conveys the Olympic spirit of unity, friendship, peace and progress. I also convey the Chinese astronauts in the new era who are especially able to bear hardships, fight, tackle key problems and make contributions.Qi was the second torchbearer during the torch relay in Beijing’s Winter Olympics Park.The first torchbearer was Chinese short track speed skater Wang Meng, who exchanged military saluts with Qi fabao as they handed over the torch.According to his official resume, Jing Haipeng was born in October 1966.In March 1985, the Air Force Flight Academy recruited flight cadets to jing haipeng’s school. After several rounds of selection, Jing was admitted to the Second Aviation Preparatory School of the Air Force.After five years of pre-school and flight school, he graduated with honors and became an honorable fighter pilot.In January 1998, Jing Haipeng became one of China’s first astronauts.In June 2005, Jing haipeng was selected as a member of the echelon team of the Shenzhou VI manned mission.In September 2008, jing haipeng was ordered to the shenzhou vii manned flight mission, in the face of the door can’t opened module emergency fire alarm, jing haipeng accurately judging accident danger, calm, precise control, along with two other astronauts zhai zhigang, liu boming, outstanding tasks completed China’s first space extravehicular activity.In March 2012, Jing was selected to fly the Shenzhou-9 mission.In June 2012, Jing Haipeng successfully completed the Shenzhou-9 mission.On October 17, 2016, the tiangong-2 and Shenzhou-11 manned missions were carried out. On November 18, they returned to the ground successfully and won the “First-class Medal of Space Meritorious Service”.Jing Haipeng, commander of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Astronaut Brigade, appears at a meeting of the Shenzhou-12 Crew on December 7, 2021.Jing was awarded the honorary title of “Hero Astronaut”, “August 1st Medal” in 2017, “Pioneer of Reform” in December 2018, and was elected as the National Model of Dedication in November 2021.In December 2021, Jing was also named ambassador of ice and snow Sports promotion.”I can ski, but I am not good at skating. I will study hard in the future.”Jing haipeng said he learned a lot about ice and snow sports after serving as the ambassador, including speed skating, short track speed skating, ice hockey, curling, bobsled and sledding.Qi Fabao was born in March 1978 and served as commander of a border defense regiment in the Army, according to his official resume.Qi fabao signed up for the army in 1997 after graduating from high school, the PLA Daily reported.In June 2020, foreign troops openly violated the consensus reached with Us and crossed the line to set up tents.In accordance with the practice of handling border incidents and the agreement reached between the two sides, colonel Qi Fabao, with only a few officers and soldiers, waded waist-deep into the river for negotiations in the spirit of sincerity to solve the problem through negotiation.During the negotiation, the other side, ignoring our sincerity, premeditated us by hiding and mobilizing large numbers of troops in an attempt to force us to concede by virtue of sheer numbers.Qi Fabao threw his arms out in front of the foreign troops and shouted, “If you break the consensus, you will bear the consequences!”At the same time, officers and soldiers were organized to occupy favorable terrain.The soldiers formed battle formations and faced off against foreign forces several times larger than themselves.Opponents attacked with steel pipes, sticks and stones.Qi Fabao was heavily targeted and suffered severe head injuries.See this scene, Chen Hongjun with people immediately break into the encircled rescue leader, Chen Xiangrong as a shield fighting in the front, camera forensics Xiao Siyuan also rushed to the front into battle.The reinforcements arrived in time and defeated the would-be criminals and won a great victory. The foreign troops were in complete disarray and fled, leaving behind a large number of crossing lines and casualties. They paid a heavy price.Military doctor Han Ziwei remembered that qi fabao’s left frontal bone was broken and there was a ten-centimeter-long hole after he was rescued.While dressing his wound, “he pulled the bandages off his head and tried to rush forward, that was the last bit of strength he had, and then he fainted again.”Chen Hongjun, Chen Xiangrong and Xiao Siyuan fought bravely without fear until they died.Wang Zhuo Ran in front of the river out of support on the way, to rescue his comrades died.In February 2021, the Central Military Commission awarded Qi Fabao the honorary title of “Hero Commander of Defending China’s Border areas”, and Posthumously awarded Chen Hongjun the honorary title of “Hero of Defending China’s Border Areas”. Chen Xiangrong, Xiao Siyuan and Wang Zhuran received first-class merit in memorials.In June 2021, Qi was awarded the title of “National Outstanding Communist party Member”. In November 2021, qi was awarded the eighth National Moral Model.Sources: Xinhua News Agency, CCTV military, Liberation Army Daily, China Military website, etc