Hangzhou South Station is coming, smaller than Hangzhou East Station, what on earth is the origin?

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I am hangzhou house elder brother, senior real estate investment expert.The homebuying mentor you’ve come to know so far has provided 7,000 people with the best solution for buying a home.Brother room unlike other we media, secretive let you feel confused!Brother Fang is a practical person who only says the most useful operation and advice for you.Hello, Brother Fang, I work in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. I want to buy a house in Hangzhou South Railway Station. Is there any investment value?Is hangzhou South Railway Station bigger than Hangzhou East Railway Station?Answer: Hangzhou South Railway Station is located in Xiaoshan, which belongs to the New town plate of The south Railway Station. It is enclosed by Tonghui Middle Road, Jincheng Road, Xiaoshao Road and Xincheng Road, covering a total area of 3.5 square kilometers.Although Hangzhou South Railway Station has been upgraded to a special class station, the starting frequency is still ordinary speed train, and the number of trains passing through is very few. Most of the time, we have to take the subway to Hangzhou East Railway Station to take the high-speed rail.As the only passenger railway station on the south bank of Qiantang River, only Metro Line 5 is open at present, which is difficult to meet the travel needs of citizens in the south Bank. Moreover, there is no subway connection between the south railway station and the airport, which is very inconvenient. We look forward to connecting Hangzhou South Railway Station and Xiaoshan Airport in the future to make travel more convenient.From the current house price analysis, investment value.Ask: room elder brother hello, buy a house in Hangzhou, in jun future cloud city how?For self-living and investment purposes, can I go to the lottery?Answer: Linping New City is the plate that brother Fang has always recommended. The planning here is quite good. There are 29 residential buildings, 7 office buildings and many low-rise commercial buildings in Zhongjun future Cloud City.Jun future cloud city investment value in Linping new town plate in the sale of new houses in the middle level, is worth the lottery.Question: Brother Fang, my child is studying in university in Hangzhou, registered permanent residence has moved to Hangzhou, budget of 3 ~ 3.5 million yuan, I want to buy commercial housing, please recommend.Answer: according to your situation, the recommended new housing estates: Sunchuang Hang Wang Yunchao City, Gudun Rainbow Xuan, new hope Jincui Qiyuan House, the average price of these three estates is floating at 30,000 yuan, the investment value is in the middle of the upper level, in line with your purchase needs, available.Ask: room elder brother hello, I see a house in hangzhou nine fort, does this plate have investment value?Landlords of second-hand houses here are not willing to reduce prices, why?Answer: Jiubao is the housing price depression.Jiubao, with a permanent population of 27,000, just 11km from downtown Hangzhou, might have been an ordinary town, not much different from any urban fringe, but e-commerce and livestream have changed its fate, making it the “no.1 town of livestream e-commerce” in China.In the eyes of the old Hangzhou people, jiubao is nothing but a ministry of urban and rural integration.But now, it is the “universe live broadcast center”, the “home” of Weiya, the head anchor of Taobao, where thousands of online celebrity economic enterprises gather.The prices in Nine Fort, they’re undervalued.Ask a question: room elder brother, want to buy from hangzhou west lake near the old community.Do not want school district, later endowment uses, whether recommend the village with a few high cost performance ratio?Answer: according to your circumstance, recommend old village: xianlin yuan, youth square.Recommended reasons: Walking distance from the West Lake within 2 kilometers of the community, are very old community, the turnover of these communities in the past 3 months generally in 3 sets or so.Xianlin Garden and Youth Square are two of the few hot old residential areas, the turnover in the past three months has reached about 10 sets, the heat is high, it takes 1.9 kilometers to walk to the West Lake, cost-effective is very high, can beat the annual inflation.Ask: fang elder brother, oneself already settled in hangzhou, want to buy a house.Now I want to sell a house I bought in Jinan before and buy a house in Hangzhou. The current price of the house is about 2 million yuan, but there is news that a primary school will be built nearby. The house price seems to be rising slightly.Answer: From a comparative point of view, Jinan is currently building various urban supporting facilities, but Hangzhou is also building various urban supporting facilities, and hangzhou’s urban development speed is faster.By contrast, in Hangzhou to buy a house, the factors that can make housing prices rise are more.Ask a question: room elder brother hello!I am undergraduate course record of formal schooling, had graduated two years, not be hangzhou person, work in other places now, can settle in Hangzhou?What can I do?Answer: brother room provides agent settlement service, please look for brother room.Question: Hello brother, please ask me, I bought a house in Haining, is the investment value of Yingdu Grand Hyatt high?If the appreciation is not high, is it necessary to sell the house, buy the house in Hangzhou.A: Housing prices in Haining rose by about 10% this year, and the appreciation is expected to continue at the same rate next year.In each plate of Haining, the real estate you buy is located in the “North of the University City” plate, and the price rise rate of this year is lower than other plates of Haining.If you want to pursue higher investment returns, you can sell this house, hangzhou is the best choice.Ask a question: hello, room elder brother, bridal chamber already signed a contract.I signed seven purchase contracts, four renovation contracts and two property contracts.Ask, buy a house contract and decorate a contract to sign apart, normal?A: Yes, the housing authority does not require it to be signed in a contract.But the decoration contract you want to check each carefully, fine decoration to hand over the time and certainly the original commitment is not the same.See the internal information of knowledge planet “Exclusive! How to make money?”Ask a question: room elder brother, I already settled down, it is collective door, without room.Total price budget of 2 million, what kind of house can buy?Want to buy a house with investment value in Hangzhou, hold five years to sell again.Could you recommend some sectors and properties?Bridal chamber is ok, I am not very understanding to Hangzhou.Answer: with a total price of 2 million, you can buy new houses and second-hand houses with higher circulation rate in 4 plates, which are Linping, Donghu New Town, Chongxian and Xingqiao.Recommended new buildings: Sunac Yunfan Community, Forte Green City, Yonghe County, Xishang Liting.Ask a question: room elder brother hello, in hangzhou how to buy a good house?Answer: a good house must have a suitable living environment, considering the needs of daily life, the supporting facilities around the house must be complete, a community supporting is an essential part of the whole house buying life.Real estate is doomed to only a small number of people can make money, we run ahead of most people, many people give brother room message questions, brother room energy is limited, can not answer one by one.Please pay attention to the wechat public account of “Hangzhou Fangge”, enter the knowledge planet to ask questions, answer all questions and send internal information worth 10,000 YUAN as a gift;Important information is only posted on Knowledge Planet.Knowledge Planet has identified the best value for money.Help to provide selection, bargaining, loans, break the purchase limit and other professional advice, full guidance to buy a house.Customize the most suitable for your real estate investment plan, one step faster than others to achieve wealth freedom.Knowledge planet popular article: “exclusive! 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