Guangdong arrests involved in smuggling case 18 people!

2022-07-29 0 By

Guangdong police have cracked 7 illegal and criminal cases involving people smuggling and arrested 18 suspects for organizing and transporting them, the Provincial public Security Department said Wednesday.Recently, the public security organs of Guangdong Province continue to crack down on illegal and criminal activities of people smuggling in accordance with the law. The local public security organs have registered and investigated the above-mentioned persons suspected of organizing the transportation of others to illegally cross the national border (frontier) and hindering the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.Other illegal border crossings will also be investigated and dealt with.The head of the Public security Department of Guangdong province said that the province’s public security organs will maintain a strict crackdown on all kinds of crimes, strengthen police cooperation with relevant provincial and municipal public security organs, and cooperate with relevant parties in epidemic prevention and control.