Great man inspection Shenyang after great anger, pro order investigation, 42 people were sentenced to death, tens of thousands of corrupt officials were jailed

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Shortly after the founding of our country, because all parts of the country were busy with production and development, so the great man often went from place to place for inspection.But later, when the great man inspected Shenyang, he was very angry.Because the local government officials in order to receive the top leaders, a big banquet, very extravagant.It made the great man worry that such a culture, once prevailing, would make people forget how our country was built in the midst of suffering.The great man is even more worried that future generations of teenagers will forget the virtues of thrift and hard work.So after that, the great man personally signed the documents to conduct a nationwide investigation and fight corruption.After the investigation, major corruption cases were found all over the country.Wei ordered severe punishment, and 42 government officials were executed for corruption after the investigation.More than 10,000 government officials were removed from their posts and sent to prison for corruption.1. Be Wary of Extravagance Things are always in a state of development and change, and so are people.Everyone can’t be the same from start to finish.But in most cases, people learn and develop and get better slowly, and there are some negative aspects.The process of founding our country is not easy, is thousands of revolutionaries, ate countless suffering, relying on the iron will to establish such a sovereign and independent country.The most crucial turning point is the emergence of a leader with correct ideas and noble qualities, and a team under his leadership, namely the Communist Party.When the Communist Party was born, it faced the oppression of imperialism and feudalism.And because at that time, the Qing Dynasty had just fallen.At the end of the Qing Dynasty, China’s social and economic depression was caused by the continuous ceding of land and reparations to foreign invaders, and the common people lived in poverty.It was under such difficult circumstances that the Communist Party was founded.Therefore, at the beginning, the comrades in the organization not only lacked weapons and equipment, but sometimes even faced the situation of lack of food and clothing.But even in those circumstances, the revolutionaries stood with the people of our country and slowly solved all the problems with their own hands and wisdom.In other words, the Communist Party was born in the midst of suffering.Later, during the Anti-Japanese War, the great man became a leader.The great man was born in rural Hunan province and was also the child of a poor family.Therefore, after he began to lead the team, he carried out the style of hard struggle in the team.No matter how difficult it is for communist comrades, they never take a single thread from the masses.But the great man is to start from their own, whether it is their own food and clothing, or clothing, living, as far as possible simple.Later, through the efforts of countless revolutionary predecessors, our country was finally founded.But although the country has gained independence, the economy and industrial production are still very backward.Especially after the devastation of two major battles.Therefore, after the founding of our country, the most important issue is to speed up the development of economy and production.Because our people have obtained independent sovereignty, so the whole country is very excited, everyone is full of energy, our country’s economy has a better development, a bright future.But did not expect, at this time, but there is a problem.At this stage, all parts of the country are busy with development, so great men also need to go to all parts of the country for inspection.But in the process of inspection, the great man found a problem.Especially when he visited Shenyang, he found that the leading groups in the reception of the upper staff, the reception specifications are very high, very luxurious.This made the great man feel very angry.Because great men start from their own, has been the implementation of the virtue of diligence and thrift.On the one hand, it has to do with the personal experience of the great man himself.When he was a child, he was born in a peasant family.Later, after joining the revolution, the Development of the Communist party was not easy.So he has become accustomed to simplicity and simplicity.On the other hand, after the founding of our country, a great man was the leader of the whole country and an example for all its people.What he does, he represents what this country stands for.So in order to take the lead, great men are frugal in their daily lives.And the great man went to promote such ethos, but also for the better development of our country, in times of peace, remember the bitter sweet.However, it did not occur to me that government officials everywhere were extravagant and wasteful, which made the great man very uncomfortable.But after that, the great man thought about it and realized that there was a more serious problem behind this phenomenon.So the great man launched a nationwide investigation.At the beginning of the investigation, another shocking corruption scandal, the protagonist of this scandal is Liu Qingshan.Liu Qingshan was a revolutionary predecessor who made great contributions during the Anti-Japanese War and the War of Liberation.But he did not expect that after liberation he would become corrupt.After China’s liberation, Liu Qingshan served as a leader in the Tianjin area.And during this period, Liu Qingshan cooperates with a few other government leaders, collude with each other, embezzle the subsidy of common people, the subsidy grain money that embezzle upper level issue, still use oneself identity to operate illegally, resale state-owned property.Paper wrapped fire, later Liu Qingshan’s doings were reported.Liu Qingshan was removed from his post to investigate, and this corruption scandal, but also made the great man more determined to carry out relevant investigations in the national scope.Launching the Three Counter-campaigns After a thorough investigation from top to bottom, it was found in many parts of the country that government officials had colluded with officials and businessmen, embezzled public funds or accepted bribes, some of which were particularly serious.This made the great man feel very sad, he could not watch, because of corruption, the country slowly decline.So the great man was determined to punish these corruptions severely.For liu Qingshan and 42 other particularly serious embezzler, the court directly sentenced them to death, and more than 10,000 officials were removed from their posts, investigated and put in prison for corruption.After this disturbance, our country began the three counter-movements.The three revolts mainly refer to fighting corruption, waste and bureaucracy.The campaign lasted about a year, during which the whole country made concerted efforts to eradicate rampant corruption.Each country has its own history and development process.Therefore, in this process, the formation of some national beliefs, national culture is certainly different.As far as our country is concerned, since the feudal society, Confucius’ thought is educating people to be industrious and simple.In modern times, Chinese people have been struggling in poverty for a long time.Therefore, frugality and hard work are cultural beliefs etched in the bones of the Chinese people, which should never be forgotten.