Focus!How can Zhejiang University occupy the third place in China?There are more A+ disciplines than Fudan university and Jiaotong University combined

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In many new domestic university rankings (below), the university known as Zhejiang University is second only to Northern Qing Dynasty, and ranks third in the list of China’s top universities with a score of 649.2.So why do these expert censors and education critics “love” Zhejiang University so much?These three advantages of Zhejiang University are unmatched by other universities.A + subject more than is fudan, jiaotong university zhejiang university did in the fourth round of discipline evaluation, according to data shows that zhejiang university level A + for 11 (the first), including clinical medicine, computer science and technology, software engineering is A popular major, (the) fudan university discipline evaluation with 5 A +,In mathematics, philosophy, Chinese history and other traditional pure arts and science subjects, Fudan University has no advantage in engineering.Shanghai Jiao Tong University also scored five A+, with mechanical engineering, clinical medicine, naval architecture and Marine engineering clearly focusing on engineering industries, as shown in the chart below.The A+ disciplines of Fudan university and Shanghai Jiao Tong University add up to A small number of Zhejiang University’s 11 A+ disciplines, which is the first point Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Fudan University have to accept.National scientific and technological progress contribution level is clear at a glance.The natural Science Award, Technological Invention Award and Scientific and Technological Progress Award all represent the highest honors and represent the driving force of China’s science and technology and innovation development.Tsinghua University topped the list with 147 awards, followed by Zhejiang University with a total of 95, followed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Peking University (below). Fudan University ranked 11th with a total of 40 awards, according to the data.In fact, the amount of science funding in senior high school ranks second in China. To a certain extent, it represents the magnitude of scientific research achievements of a university. The more scientific research achievements a university has, the more expenditure support it can get.According to data from universities directly under the Ministry of Education, Tsinghua University ranked first with 31.072 billion yuan in funding, with a growth rate of 13.51 in 2019.Zhejiang university since runner-up in the 21.62 billion yuan of funds, but the overall growth rate is 24.43, this means that education is to strengthen the support of zhejiang university of science and technology research, (below) there is no doubt that the scientific research strength, innovation ability of zhejiang university has always been recognized strengths, Shanghai jiaotong university and fudan fly in the ointment is the geographical restrictions.Hangzhou, where the university is located, is also wealthy, but not as glamorous as Shanghai’s bustling beaches.