Coleen has repeatedly revealed she forgives the truth: ‘We’ll be together forever.

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When it comes to the most beautiful player in the world, England’s Wayne Rooney is definitely on the list.When he was young, he was exposed to prostitution and prostitution scandals.Mystery women who had “private dates” with Rooney have been revealing the footballer’s sexual exploits. Almost every year, the news of Rooney having an affair or spending the night with a strange woman makes the headlines in the UK.Rooney’s wife, Coleen, is the biggest victim of the endless drama.However, as a child and Rooney childhood sweetheart together corinne, but every time have forgiven this derailment addiction patients…What is the reason?Looney’s money or looney’s man?A recent Documentary on Amazon titled “Rooney” finally reveals the secret behind the world’s most generous wife…Let’s take a quick look at colleen and Rooney’s history together.The couple, who met at junior high school at the age of 12, began dating at 16 (the same age Rooney would later publicly admit he began soliciting prostitutes) and married in a lavish ceremony in 2008.Coleen gave birth to four sons in succession during their 13-year marriage.However, with the birth of his sons, Rooney not only realized his personal value, but also became the spokesperson of Britain’s “rotten crotch”.In 2004, Rooney was caught on camera visiting a brothel late at night in Liverpool.In 2010, while Colleen was pregnant with their first child, reality TV star Jenny Thompson famously claimed Rooney had paid £1,200 for a hotel night with her.She also claimed rooney’s X-ability was “pretty average”.A few months later, another woman involved in rooney’s sex scandal said publicly that rooney had asked her to spend another night with another man.Childhood sweetheart Colleen is pregnant with the crystallization of the first love of two people, Rooney side but twice three times make a sexual scandal.Furious and heartbroken, Colleen moved out of their marital home and back into her parents’ home.But it wasn’t long before Colleen returned to Rooney and the two made up.The first pregnancy affair wasn’t the end of the story. Rooney was cheated on again when Colleen was pregnant with her fourth child.Colleen repeated her reaction last time – going back to her mother’s house – and returned to Rooney, only this time faster, forgiving Rooney took only two days…In 2018, Rooney had a PR crisis when he was photographed drunk driving late at night with an unknown woman in the passenger seat.Rooney was banned from driving, given community service and, of course, caught cheating.The woman in the passenger seat later said rooney made out with her for a while and then decided to get into her car and drive her home…In the midst of various scandals, Rooney even admitted to dating a “granny” prostitute who was more than 20 years her senior at the time.Rooney’s sex scandal has been paralleled by his history of heavy drinking and drug use at parties and on planes.On one occasion, during a trip to the United States to play for his new club, Rooney was so disoriented by drugs that he was almost prosecuted in the United States, only to be picked up by Colleen.It seems that Rooney is a man who is “covered with dirt”. Each of his scandals may lead to several divorces of an ordinary wife, and there are iron “Rooney cheated”, and there are iron “Colleen forgave him”…Even so, the press has summed up Colleen’s routine after each sex scandal: “Nowhere to talk, long-suffering Colleen will take off her wedding ring within days and be spotted shopping for revenge at expensive designer goods.She would book an expensive holiday in the sun and go with a suitcase full of new bikinis.Colleen, the children and her parents were pictured frolicking in the surf of Barbados, while a lonely Wayne (Rooney) moped in the family doghouse.”Because this time and again endless forgiveness, colleen in addition to being nailed on the “inclusive” “generous” label, more is ridiculed by the outside world and called “stupid”.Coleen’s fans have also been relentless, repeatedly criticising her for being so tolerant of her cheating husband.But Coleen has never publicly explained the reasons behind her actions and has refused to comment on Rooney’s infidelity.Until there was enough silence and curiosity about the marital mess to make a documentary about it…But colleen’s revealing feelings to the camera take everyone by surprise…In an interview with Colleen, the mother of four and wife of the soccer star reveals the real reason she stuck with her marriage all these years.Coleen was asked if she accepted Rooney’s past misdeeds, such as prostitution and cheating during pregnancy. She denied: “No, it’s not acceptable.”In Colleen’s case, however, unacceptable behavior still deserves forgiveness. “Forgiveness is different, I would say different.””What he did was unacceptable, but it happened, it was where we were in our lives and we have moved on.I forgive him, but these actions are unacceptable.We would talk about it the same way we talk about it now, except I didn’t have the anger.But it happened and I had to live with it, and if I couldn’t live with it, I would have ended the relationship.”Colleen also denied that she was only with Rooney because of the kids, saying, “I know people are going to say,Oh, do they just stay together to keep their families together?& # 39;That’s part of it, but the truth is, we still love each other.”Colleen said of her love for Rooney: “We love to laugh together, we work well together and we have four kids.”Colleen also said her parents are supportive. “When you make these decisions, you have to focus on what you want, not other distractions.Obviously, I listen to the people who are important to me — my mom and dad — and they always give me a positive perspective and nothing that we can’t handle.”But despite her commitment to endure and look on the bright side, Coleen suggests that she is not sure she can completely keep Rooney faithful.”I hope he learns these lessons and doesn’t put himself in a similarly dire situation again.”The general idea is that behavior is unacceptable, but people can forgive it.The matter is over, endure is done;Because I believe the future will not happen again, but whether it will happen is still unknown??Colleen also revealed the surprising fact that she defined her role as something of a “handler” for Rooney.In a worried tone, the 35-year-old mother of four is filmed saying: ‘It’s not good Wayne is unsupervised.I know Wayne and the people he hangs out with are bad for him, lovely people, but they can’t stay together without alcohol, and it’s not good.I told him that FROM day one, I didn’t want him to stop being friends with them, but I just didn’t want him to hang out with them because they put him in a bad position.I do think alcohol had a lot to do with it and there are still things going on recently and I don’t think it’s a good thing Wayne is unsupervised.”The “regulation” is not a warning, in the alleged use of illegal drugs that rooney U.S. airport, according to team-mate Wayne rooney was here, colleen was angry call from transatlantic cursed how stupid, rooney was angry enough to on the phone for Wayne rooney issued “regulation”, “since you could not out of the door in our house alone!!”Coleen’s comments seem to imply that regulation can prevent Rooney’s affair…”If she had any self-respect at all, she would have left him.””The moment you can’t let your husband go out alone is the moment you leave.””This is not marital love.Do what’s best for you and leave.”However, one user said he understood Colleen’s mindset, saying: ‘When your relationship starts from your childhood, it’s hard to leave.Your childhood and adult emotions, experiences, and memories are tied to that person, and there is no substitute for that person.Your friends, school, place, family are all part of it.You remember each other at every stage of your life.If she left, Colleen would receive financial security for life.It’s not about money or her lack of self-love.”We are not the parties involved, so we have no way to feel her feelings and measure the gains and losses of her decision.It is difficult for an honest official to decide household chores. One is willing to beat the other. What can the melon eaters, as spectators, say?