Wutuan town actively carry out voluntary tree planting activities

2022-07-28 0 By

Chengbu Rong media Center on March 12 (correspondent Chen Fengying) Spring returns to the earth, all things recover, it is a year to plant trees.On the morning of March 11, wutuan town organized all cadres, workers, school teachers, police station staff, village community volunteers to carry out voluntary tree planting activities along the Wutuan River.Activity site, we are enthusiastic, riveting full energy, division of labor cooperation, shovel, shovel, seedling, soil, step solid, carefully complete each process, presenting a school of work scene in full swing.After hard work, one newly planted saplings, in the beautiful spring shows full of vitality.A total of 1,500 willows were planted to create new greenery along the river.In the next step, the town will continue to firmly establish the concept of “clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains”, strengthen ecological protection and restoration, combined with the improvement of living environment, constantly optimize the environment of the area, to create a blue sky, clear water, pure land beautiful ecological livable new five group.Source: Cheng Bu Rong Media Center author: Chen Fengying Editor: Wu Yutao