Wei Zhendong investigated key livelihood projects

2022-07-28 0 By

Yellow River News Network Changzhi news: February 13, Luzhou district party committee deputy secretary, district chief Wei Zhendong has in-depth east street streets, heroes South Road streets, daxinzhuang streets, old mountain streets and other places, on the current urban construction of key projects, old district transformation, back alley transformation field research.District committee standing committee, hero South street Party working committee secretary Cheng Lu, deputy district chief Li Wei attended.The reconstruction and expansion project of the southeast outer ring Expressway is a key livelihood project established by the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government.Luzhou district involves many tasks and a wide range of areas.Wei Zhendong listened carefully to reports on the situation in places such as the southeast outer ring and Beishicao Village.He stressed that the reconstruction and expansion project of the Southeast Outer ring Expressway is of great significance to the construction of regional development and the improvement of urban functions and quality.All relevant departments should focus on the time node of project construction, compaction responsibility, coordination and cooperation, and do detailed and solid work to lay a solid foundation for promoting project construction.Tianwanji residential area and Maigang residential area built in the 1980s are typical old residential areas, which have problems such as old building facade, damaged road surface and imperfect infrastructure to varying degrees.Wei Zhendong in the detailed listening to community staff, residents on behalf of the community reconstruction of the comments and suggestions pointed out that the old community reconstruction is an important project to improve the residents’ living environment, but also this year’s district party committee district government focused on one of the 10 practical matters, do a good job in the reconstruction of great significance.The relevant departments at all levels should adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, take the needs of the residents as the starting point, formulate reasonable plans for renovation, and encourage the people to work together, build and manage the renovation projects smoothly.In daxinzhuang Street road North village and Xihan village and laoding mountain street Zhuangli village, Wei Zhendong listened in detail to the street responsible person on the transformation of the village in the city., he points out, accelerate the reform of urban villages is to improve the urban infrastructure, improve the living environment of real need, is to expand the inevitable requirement of urban development space, enhance the quality of the city, the various functional departments to enhance political stance, fully understand the importance and urgency of urban village reconstruction work, we believe in the people’s highly responsible attitude, further unified thought, raise awareness,We will enable the people to enjoy more of the dividends of urban development as soon as possible and enhance residents’ sense of happiness and gain.(Xing Luxia)