These six tough actors are behind the success of Watergate Bridge, which made $2.9 billion at the box office

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Watergate Bridge, as the sequel to Changjin Lake, continues to tell the story of Seven companies on the basis of the previous film, but this time the group scenes are simplified, the whole film is around the main plot of the three watergate Bridge.”Watergate Bridge” has raked in 2.9 billion yuan at the box office so far, making it the no. 1 movie this Spring Festival. The movie, based on a true story, takes us back to China’s turbulent history.Some people say that today’s film and television drama market is the world of flow stars, after all, flow stars have their own heat, with a strong box office appeal, and those real strength of actors are difficult to have the opportunity to perform.Such a statement seems to have some truth on the surface, but it is still too one-sided, “Watergate Bridge” can obtain such a high box office, these six actors contributed greatly.Look at “Watergate Bridge” 6 tough actors all plain yan’s wonderful performance, those “heavy make-up” flow star and their a contrast, know that entertainment never lack of good actors, flow star is only a flash in the pan after all.Like “Changjin Lake,” “Watergate Bridge” stars Wu Jing and Yi Yangqixi in the lead roles. Wu’s performance is as steady as ever, and he’s at home in tough guy roles.As seven company commander, Wu Jing played wu Qianli eyes revealed tenacity and calm, every move is the shadow of the soldier, it can be said that he took the temperament of the soldier hold very in place.Wu Qianli’s highlight moment is undoubtedly the sacrifice of the scene, when Wu Qianli took the shells from the top of the mountain sliding down on the Water gate bridge, in the case of being strafed by the enemy he insisted on using shells to blow up the water gate bridge, the whole process of breathtaking, shocking.If Yi yangqianxi’s performance in “Jangjin Lake” is a little immature, then this time in “Watergate Bridge”, his performance can be called “best actor level”.Wu Wanli, played by Yi Yangqianxi, grows from a recruit to a determined and brave soldier who falls into a coma in the snow when his brother Wu Qianli is killed.When the enemy hit wu Qianli body with firebombs, Wu Wanli slowly opened his eyes, Yi Yangqianxi the kind of silent brotherhood show incisively and vividly, let a person moved.In the final return count, Wu Wanli’s “seventh interspersed even to 157 people, actually to one person” is to let the audience directly break defense.Yi yangqianxi once said in an interview, “Shooting this film was the most difficult moment for him since he took the film.” It can be seen that he made great efforts to interpret the role of Wu Wanli.Duan Yihong in the film as the third battalion commander Tan Ziwei, the first time to blow up the Watergate Bridge tan Ziwei regrettably died, he defended the glory of the soldiers, in front of his comrades in the sacrifice of the scene is unforgettable.Duan Yihong does not need too much skill, only a few scenes to play The role of Tan Zi “soul”, such a tough performance is really not those “heavy make-up” stream stars can compare.Zhu Yawen plays Mei Sheng, who is both wise and brave. He is usually gentle and brave when fighting, but he is as fierce as a tiger. The scene when he rushes down with half a photo of his daughter in his mouth is very exciting.Han Dongjun played the sniper level river fighting explosive table, finally in the tank crush body is still to Wu Qianli shot explosive charge package, after the tank was destroyed, flat river also disappeared in the flames.Han Dongjun has posted that this scene is a real interpretation, the tank is real, the arm is involved in the tank is real, the sense of pressure and suffocation is very real, no wonder the audience can feel pain across the screen.Li Chen, previously known as the giggly “big black bull” of variety shows, plays yu Congrong, the fire platoon leader, who is a tough guy. He is the fire shoulder of seven companies and rushes to the front of every charge.Yu congrong was looking for a radio signal when the enemy came. In order to protect his comrades, he chose to attract the attention of the enemy. Finally, he collapsed and fell in the direction of home.In the final analysis, actors rely on acting, rather than appearance, only put aside the idol burden, can really blend into the role, “Watergate Bridge” these 6 tough actors, let how many “make-up” flow star blush?# Movie Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake #