The phrase “a bosom friend afar brings a distant land near” is particularly cordial to us as we fight against the epidemic

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Taurus drive xiangyun, Tiger wind wonderland to.The Chinese New Year, when lanterns are decorated to bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, should be a time of family reunion and happy family reunion.However, as the novel coronavirus disease threatens the world, how many families are not reunited with each other, and how many vagabonds, in response to the call, can only look at their hometown from afar and wish New Year’s Greetings across the screen?I turn poetry book, there is a poem deeply touched the heart, “sea memory bosom friend, tianya zorpia”.The poem, written by Wang Bo, one of the “four great masters of the Early Tang Dynasty”, is a famous farewell poem.At present, if we use this poem to comfort relatives and friends, it is still deep and sincere.Now let’s enjoy this poem.Masterpiece appreciation: send Du Shaofu shu city que auxiliary three Qin, smoke wang Wujin.Parting with the king, with eunuchs.A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near.Inaction in the crossroads, children with towel.This is written by the poet when he saw off Du Shaofu in Chang ‘an for his appointment as Shu State.The misty distance of Shu is where friends want to go.You and I are both officials away from home, so we have formed a deep friendship, and come to see you off.As the saying goes, “a bosom friend afar brings a distant land near.” As long as we have the same heart and soul, we are bosom friends, no matter where we are or how close we feel.The poet at the end of the friends: since we will always be friends, don’t in the parting of the fork road, crying, tears wet scarf.Sentiment: People all have emotions, affection, love, friendship, these emotions full of people’s life, but also make life become colorful.No matter what kind of emotion, will face parting.Parents will look at the back of their children, send them wings to fly;With the rapid development of economy, young people’s life pressure is increasing, and lovers have to struggle in different places;In order to live the daily necessities, how many former friends, to all corners of the country to start a business.Everyone is facing parting.Let’s sing wang Bo’s poem “a bosom friend afar brings distant land near”.It has been more than two years since the outbreak of COVID-19 in late 2019.The heroes and volunteers in the front line of the fight against the epidemic left their parents, children and friends to fight to the death and seize their lives.After taking off their protective clothing, they took a short rest and enjoyed a moment of fun with their friends and relatives.Although separated by the end of the world, the laughter in front of the screen but in the heart.In ancient times, the traffic was underdeveloped and the pace of life was slow.Nowadays, with economic prosperity and rapid social development, high-speed railways and air routes are available in all directions. We don’t have to be sad about the separation of family and friends any more.Even if we can’t go back home for a reunion during the Spring Festival, we can communicate and pay New Year calls through video phone.What’s more, the epidemic is only temporary and we will prevail over it.At that time, we are celebrating together, sharing the sweet happy time.”A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near” is a kind of consolation for friends who live in different places during the Spring Festival. I believe we will soon overcome the coronavirus and get together with family and friends.Do you like this poem by Wang Bo?What do you think of this famous sentence?Welcome to exchange.Wandering through ancient poetry, appreciating more wisdom, we walk together all the way.