“Shanxi broad tai” Kou Jingyao: 19 years old by 12 Hummer married into the rich family, after many years into the a-class wanted

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Kou Jingyao, 19, has a happy and warm family. Growing up in a scholarly family, she has a pretty face and gentle personality. She is a well-educated girl in the eyes of her teachers and relatives.But everything, from the moment he met Geng Weilong, quietly changed.Geng Weilong is the son of geng Jianping, the richest man in the area. He grew up in a wealthy family and refused to be disciplined, so he was a famous punk on the street at that time. In fact, this pair of lovers was a common combination of most campus couples during their rebellious period.Geng Weilong has a fatal attraction to Kou Jingyao, who is good at both character and learning. Similarly, Kou Jingyao, who has received good family education at a glance, is regarded as a goddess by Geng Weilong, who has been wild since childhood.This period of love began soon, was geng Jianping know, the richest man in Taiyuan Ancient Jiao city not only did not stop, but actively prepare for the marriage of two children, ready to marry Kou Jingyao into the house.It seems to be the Kou carp yue Longmen, one fell for the local richest man, but at this time, for geng’s family history to have a certain understanding of the Kou parents, a negative attitude to this marriage, especially the daughter’s decision to suspend school, but also provoked two elders extremely dissatisfied.At this time of kou Jingyao completely do not listen to the earnestly and inculcated parents, full of love is the lonely yong.In geng’s family and kou Jingyao’s willful, the two young people, realized their wishes, tie the knot.The wedding in 2007 left a deep impression on the residents of Gujiao. Until today, some people still remember the scene clearly.With three luxury cars and twelve Hummers, Kou Jingyao married the prince in his heart just like a princess.Since Kou Jingyao married into a wealthy family, rumors around her have never stopped. Some people say she spends more than 2 million yuan on cosmetics every year. Others say the Kou family implements a strict birth reward system, and both boys and girls are clearly priced.Rumors are mixed, but judging by at least four children in a row, a wealth of luxury goods and financial dealings in charge of the family business, Kou jingyao has remained in the spotlight during her 12 years with geng.Such A rich family, family harmony, family business thriving Kou Jingyao, is how to become A class A wanted, will personally sent to prison?It all starts with the Geng family’s business, Sixin.Geng weilong is an idle second-generation rich man, but his father, Geng Jianping, is a real self-made man who has amassed a huge fortune.Like capitalism’s primitive accumulation, the Geng family’s first pot of money was ill-gotten.Geng Jianping, a young man with a criminal record for theft, has never lived a straight life.After his release from prison, Geng founded sixin, a company that started with illegal mining operations. After he was caught, he learned the importance of “legal operations” and spent the years earning dirty money to meet Zhang Xinming, then the number one coal boss in Shanxi.Zhang paved a “legal path” for Geng.Geng jianping, who had obtained the business license, was completely free to seize the villagers’ land, beat up those who opposed him, and became the head of the Villagers’ committee of Gengjiazhuang village by violent means, thus covering himself with a layer of seriousness.Geng Jianping, who fully grasped the mining right of Geng Jiacun coal mine, began to think about exploring new territory. This time, he focused on passenger transportation. With his own resources and money, Geng jianping quickly grasped the management right of passenger transportation between Gujiao and Taiyuan.It was around this time that Geng weilong married Kou Jingyao.After marriage, Kou Jingyao is not only busy opening branches for geng’s family, but also begins to contact the financial business of Sixin Company, gradually showing her talent in the workplace. Step by step, she gains the trust and importance of her father-in-law and becomes the financial director of Sixin Company step by step.At this time the four heart company has been a black evil force group headed by Geng Jianping, Kou Jingyao has been an important member of this one criminal organization.Later, China launched an anti-mafia campaign. Kou Jingyao, Geng Jianping, Geng Weilong and others were arrested one after another in this vigorous special move.The scene of the past has become a mockery of today.I do not know the prison kou Jingyao thought of at the age of 19, despite her parents’ opposition, dropped out of school to marry geng’s family, is it more regret, or regrets fate more?