Salute to Chinese women’s football!Two equalisers in regular time and extra time beat Japan 4-3 on penalties to reach the final

2022-07-28 0 By

Beijing time on February 3 (the third day of the Chinese New Year) at 22 o ‘clock in the evening, the Women’s Asian Cup semifinals kicked off, China women’s football against Japan women’s football.In the first half, The Chinese women’s football team was comprehensively suppressed by the Japanese women’s football team, naoki Riko head hammer broke the deadlock on the field;In the second half, Xiao Yuyi assist Wu Chengshu quickly equalized the score, Lou Jiahui accident injury retreat.The two sides were tied 1-1 in regular time and went into extra time.In the first half of extra time, Riko Uechi again headed the ball to give Japan the lead;In the second half of extra time, Wang Shanshan was absolutely even at the last moment.After 120 minutes, the two sides drew 2-2 and went into a penalty shootout.Zhu saved two penalty kicks by two Japanese central defenders in the shootout, and China defeated Japan 6-5 on aggregate to set up a final match with South Korea.The Chinese women’s football team is ten thousand times stronger than the men’s football team.Chinese women’s football and men’s football are really two poles, the men’s football is too bad, the women’s football is too strong.China’s women’s national team faced Asia’s dominant Japan in the Semifinals of the Asian Cup, falling behind in the first half, drawing in the second half, falling behind in the first half of extra time, drawing in the second half of extra time, beating their opponents in a penalty shootout to meet South Korea in the final.Chinese women’s football in the first half was completely under the wind, the ball is very sad half, the situation is the same as men’s football against The Japanese team, but the Chinese women’s football girl played a sonorous rose spirit, the use of physical and physical advantages, two times behind two equaliser, the penalty kick to win the Japanese women’s football, is really the mulan of the world, worthy of praise.The whole game, in the regular time, the Japanese women’s football team’s ball control rate is close to 70%, a total of 19 shots, 5 of them on target;The Chinese women had just five shots on goal, one of them on target.In this situation, The Chinese women’s football team tied the score twice and won the chance to beat the Japanese women’s football team in penalty shootout.I really want to say, give all the money of The Chinese men’s football team to the Chinese women’s football team, they deserve to play more.