Only leave 1 day to buy vegetables money, scavengers the old man’s savings all donation, village cadres: only accept the rest of the return

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On March 5, 2020, a man rushed into the Xiaoshan Epidemic Prevention Center in Hangzhou, threw down a black plastic bag, turned around and walked out.They opened it and found bundles of cash, almost all crumpled, totaling 129,273.4 yuan, some of which were rusted coins.A few days later, after much probing, people found out that the donor was an old scavenger who usually didn’t even want to eat meat.So why did the old scavenger donate all his possessions?It all started two months ago.Yang Shuqiang is from Xinyang, Henan Province.In January 2020, Yang shuqiang’s family returned to Henan from Hangzhou for the Spring Festival, but the epidemic broke out.Usually, he can only go out to buy some daily necessities, and the five members of his family stay in the old house of less than 20 square meters for two months.Yang shuqiang was deeply touched by one thing that happened.Medical workers, volunteers and supplies poured into Wuhan from all over the country after the city was engulfed by the epidemic.Yang shuqiang’s little daughter opened the piggy-bank and counted it several times. Finally she handed Yang 40 yuan in total and said tearfully, “Dad, I want to donate my money to help the children in Wuhan.”The 40 yuan is the pocket money saved by the youngest daughter after collecting bottles for a year.His daughter’s tears and wrinkled pocket money always echoed in Yang’s mind. That night, he discussed with his wife to donate all their savings to the country’s epidemic prevention efforts.But since the bank card is in Hangzhou, Yang has to wait until the epidemic eases.From January to March, watching the spread of the epidemic, Yang felt uncomfortable and became more determined to donate.As soon as he returned to Hangzhou on March 5, he took out the money. Then he took out all the cash from his family, leaving only one day’s money to buy vegetables, and rushed to the epidemic prevention center with plastic bags.Zheng Linjiang, a staff member of the epidemic prevention center, got the money and hurried out, but Lao Yang left quickly, saying, “Now that we are fighting against the epidemic, I want to donate some money to show my heart.”Yang shuqiang just wanted to do good deeds without leaving his name, so he didn’t leave any information. But when the staff saw Lao Yang’s clothes, they knew he wasn’t particularly rich.The rich have more convenient ways to donate, and those who make a special trip to donate in cash are more likely to be ordinary people who simply want to do good.So the staff decided that they must know the donor before deciding whether to accept the donation. Zheng Linjiang almost went to several local banks according to the tellers’ badges on the bank notes, and finally found out The name and address of Yang Shuqiang.When the staff learned about Yang shuqiang’s simple and hard life, they were deeply moved by his donor’s behavior.In 1966, Yang Shuqiang was born into a peasant family. Due to his poor family, he dropped out of school after only four years of schooling to work in the fields.Less than 10 years old at that time, he pulled an old cow every day, under the hot sun ploughing.But the boy’s body is too small, coupled with malnutrition, Yang shuqiang is short and thin, the front of the cow a little sway, he will fall to the ground.Often knock on the stones and straw in the field, so that the weak body left a red mark.At home, Yang takes care of his sick parents and younger siblings.Every day when he heard the crow of a chicken, he would get up in one fell swoop, chop wood, boil water, cook porridge, and after cooking the rice, he would turn over and go to work for his old father, who was lying in bed.In the late 1970s, with the sound of spring thunder in the south, opening swept across China like a spring breeze.Yang Shuqiang also walked out of the countryside and began to work in other places.At first, he just moved back and forth in Henan, working in some small factories.In 1990, Yang shuqiang moved to Hangzhou. In the following 30 years, he got married and had a son and two daughters.However, educational background is Yang Shuqiang’s short board from beginning to end however, as the age is getting older and older, can not find a suitable job any more, but under he started to pick up garbage, collecting waste, barely maintain the expenses of a family in the big city.It was not until his eldest son graduated from college and started to work that The pressure on Yang’s shoulders eased and he gradually saved some money.But after the pandemic hit, inspired by his younger daughter, Yang donated all his savings again.In his words: ‘The two girls’ tuition has been paid, my wife and I can continue to work, and the money can help people in more need.’When the staff came to Ganluting village, Guali Town, they found Lao Yang’s family living in a simple foam board house. Inside the room were two wooden beds, discarded cabinets, old color TV sets and a table built with wooden boards. Outside were piles of garbage and waste products.Through inquiries, they learned that Yang made a living by collecting garbage and scrap. The villagers were shocked when they learned that Yang donated nearly 130,000 yuan. Some said: “He usually doesn’t even want to eat a meal of meat, I didn’t expect to donate so much money.As for the donation, Yang said: so many people are donating online, many of them are millions of dollars, I really do not count.At the same time, he added: I just want to set an example for my kids to be a good person.For this money, the local consideration of their living conditions, they decided to return all, but was firmly refused by Yang Shuqiang husband and wife, he took his daughter for example: a student has such consciousness, I should also contribute.Earlier years my family life is not very well-off, or with the help of the local just better, under the epidemic I want to know how to be grateful, want to do their own heart, when the return to society.Faced with Yang’s resolute attitude, the local town and village leaders came up with a compromise, politely refusing his 120,000 yuan donation and accepting only 9,273.4 yuan.The shadow of the epidemic is still not completely gone. Like Yang shuqiang, there are many kind-hearted people who care about others.In Yichang, Hubei province, a retired worker donated 2 million yuan he had saved.In Zhengzhou, Henan province, hundreds of sanitation workers donated more than 10,000 yuan.A man in Huanggang, Hubei province, who declined to be named, donated 300,000 yuan saved by his family.Wenchuan, Sichuan, when the affected vegetable farmers a truck to a truck to wuhan, sent to the country….It’s not how many donations you make, it’s how many a mickle makes a mickle, but you should do what you can to help others.Lao Yang’s donation is very warm, and the staff’s refusal is also very thoughtful.Yingshan County, Hubei province, has published a donation details: 1 jin of tea, 2 boxes of instant noodles, 2 barrels of 84 disinfectant, 30 yuan in cash are listed among them.Whether it is the donation of 2 barrels of 84 disinfectant solution, all noted one by one, or the return of 120,000 yuan donation, only a small amount, reflecting the local staff at all levels to the public’s kindness of the value and respect.Yang shuqiang is just an ordinary man, but also a father who picks up garbage and raises his children.However, he is also the epitome of millions of ordinary people, who are not rich, living a difficult life and carrying a heavy burden, but they care about social development and always want to help others.An ordinary man who did great things.They are also in the rain, but willing to hold an umbrella for others.